[Libav-user] blu-ray muxing in mpegts

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 17:45:05 EET 2019

Well, I was looking at why https://git.cinelerra-gg.org/git/?p=goodguy/cinelerra.git;a=blob;f=cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/src/ffmpeg.git.patch2;h=1c1e293af6eabec3c3fbb93c388973779bd27b48;hb=HEAD failed to apply (it does some fixes to ffmpeg's mpeg2ts muxer). I can't figure out what parts of this patch still must be applied to ffmpeg master, but I found few ffmpeg tickets, related to some problem this patch probably tries to answer (CinlerraGG supports making Blu-Ray disks, even if in limited way)

>> So far I have therefore given up to get pcm audio muxed into .m2ts
>> for a working Blu-ray video.
> Just to avoid a misunderstanding:
>  From FFmpeg's pov, "pcm" and "pcm-bluray" are two completely
> different things like - for example - h264 and vp8; and on this
> mailing list only FFmpeg's pov makes sense imo.
> Muxing pcm in mpegts in impossible, this is not a limitation of FFmpeg.
> Muxing pcm-bluray (and bluray subtitles) in mpegts is also impossible
> with FFmpeg, this is ticket #2622.
Subtitle (hdmv pgs) remux fails

for some reason more generic ticket mentioned there just closed as duplicate?

M2TS muxer doesn't generate valid Blu-Ray files

I'm not sure what "The reason that FFmpeg does not support muxing pgs in mpegts is that FFmpeg does not support writing m2ts files" phrase mean? Because m2ts writing IS here, just not complete .....

Yes, CinGG patch doesn't deal with subtitles. And I don't understand patch, but it is here, or even version against ffmpeg-4.2:


should I try to post this to ffmpeg's ticket 7842 ? I don't have real BluRay player, so I can't test resulting files ...

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