[Libav-user] [Feature] - HLG (ARIB STD-B67) and PQ (SMPTE ST 2084) transfer functions in colorspace filter

Drif Youssouf drif.youssouf at protonmail.ch
Tue Nov 12 22:30:20 EET 2019


I have some footage recorded in 4K HDR HLG (arib-std-b67) and I'm currently using the Voukoder plugin (https://www.voukoder.org/) in Adobe Premiere Pro which uses the colorspace filter from libav.

We figured out that the HLG and PQ transfer functions were not present in the colorspace filter yet (https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/libavfilter/vf_colorspace.c#L983).

It seems HLG and PQ are becoming the standard for HDR footages (ITU REC 2020 and ITU REC 2100) and I don't know the complexity of the task but is it possible to add it to the colorspace filter ?

Thank you,

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