[Libav-user] FFmpeg and Apple's transition to ARM/Apple Silicon

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Mon Jul 6 13:13:28 EEST 2020

Thanks for your answers, guys!

> Am Fr., 26. Juni 2020 um 11:07 Uhr schrieb Info || Non-Lethal
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>> Will re-compiling the libraries on the new architecture be enough to make everything work "as before"?
> Yes.

I’ve been watching Apple’s WWDC video on how to convert apps to work on Apple Silicon.
They say that all external libraries (which I’m using plenty of) need to be compiled as universal binaries.
Is that something that FFmpeg already supports (maybe from the PPC/Intel switch days about 10 years ago)?
Or would I be able to compile two separate libraries (for Intel and ARM) and combine them into one?

>> As FFmpeg makes a fair use of assembler and I think also some processor specific optimizations
>> as far as I know that may not be available on ARM, will the performance likely be worse?
> Yes.

Ok, thanks!

> Carl Eugen
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