[Libav-user] FFmpeg and Apple's transition to ARM/Apple Silicon

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>>>> Will re-compiling the libraries on the new architecture be enough to make everything work "as before"?
>>> Yes.
>> I’ve been watching Apple’s WWDC video on how to convert apps to work on Apple Silicon.
>> They say that all external libraries (which I’m using plenty of) need to be compiled as universal binaries.
> I don't think this is correct.


Check around minute 14/15.
“All static and dynamic libraries used to build your app need to be built as universal"

>> Is that something that FFmpeg already supports (maybe from the PPC/Intel switch days about 10 years ago)?
> It is something that Apple's toolchain supports, not FFmpeg

Ok, thanks!
There’s currently not a lot of information out there.
I’ll try to get more details at Apple’s developer forum then.

>> Or would I be able to compile two separate libraries (for Intel and ARM) and combine them into one?
> Yes, this is what had to be done when universal binaries were needed
> the last time.
> Carl Eugen
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