[Libav-user] decoding mulitple frames at a time with Hardware accelaration

satish satish at aurotec.co
Tue May 12 06:45:45 EEST 2020

Dear All

i am decoding video frames using ffmpeg library in java, but if i want 
to decode multiple video at a time then decoding time is increasing.

1. i tried example given in ffmpeg hw_decode.c and converted to java but 
hardware acceleration not supporting

2. Able to call  av_hwdevice_ctx_create intializing properly

3.  recpack=av_read_frame(fmt_ctx, pkt);

               // if(recpack<=0)
                 //   break;
             if (pkt.stream_index() == v_stream_idx) {
                 ret1 = avcodec_send_packet(codec_ctx, pkt);

                 ret2 = avcodec_receive_frame(codec_ctx, frm);

       no error even able to print format and width and height from frm 

  if ((ret = av_hwframe_transfer_data(frm, tmp_frm, 0)) < 0)

Above function also i am checking but when i try to display it gives 
black image

Or i am happy to know any other method to decode multiple file at a time .

Best Regards


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