[Libav-user] AVIO buffering and partial reads

Idan Freiberg speidy at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 12:03:38 EET 2021


I’m trying to use the Libavformat library in order to extract the plain
h264 video stream from a audio video container format. I’ve used the
remuxing.c example as a reference.

I want to support partial writes to the output context holding the
extracted h264 video stream. I’m using a custom memory based AVIO, without
seek support (unseekable).

When returning a smaller amount of bytes then passed to the AVIO
write_frame() callback, I would expect from the write callback to be called
again with the rest of the data I didn’t read. In practice I saw that I’m
getting new data for the next write callback.

I wondered if I must support seek() for achieving partial write()s from

Am I missing something?
Any insight is appreciated.


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