[Libav-user] UDP bitrate control

Patrick, Alton (US) alton.patrick at baesystems.com
Tue Jan 12 21:53:16 EET 2021

The FFmpeg udp module (libavformat/udp.c) has the "bitrate" and "burst_bits" options that can be used to force a constant output bitrate. But in order to use this, you have to know what output bitrate you want before you create AVFormatContext for output.

Is there any way to have the udp module automatically set the output bitrate to match the bitrate at which it receives packets?

Alternatively, is there any way for my code to change the udp module's bitrate parameter after it has started?

Based on my (brief) review of the code, it doesn't seem like either of these is possible. But perhaps I am overlooking something.

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