[Libav-user] struct MpegTSContext

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Tue May 18 13:02:15 EEST 2021

David Get (12021-05-17):
> I am looking to develop an application in c / c ++ which demux and decodes
> a mpeg ts stream in real time and which contains several tv and radio
> services (mcpc dvb-s), for that I opted to operate the ffmpeg library. I
> work under the unix environment, I installed the library well and I
> succeeded in demuxing and decoding video and audio using the libavformat.


> however, when I see the include / libavformat folder I can't find all the
> headers I need such as mpegts.h mpeg.h .... (I find avformat.h, avio.h and
> internal.h)!
> Is adding headers manually in the libavformation folder correct or not? if
> so why can't I load the MpegTsContext structure with the MpegTSContext *
> function avpriv_mpegts_parse_open (AVFormatContext * s)?

These headers and functions are not public, they are there to implement
the workings of the FFmpeg libraries, but they are not available to
applications programmers. Only functions and structures whose name
starts in AV are available to you. And not functions whose name starts
with avpriv, that should be pretty obvious.

Since FFmpeg is Libre Software, you are obviously free to take the
source code and make anything you need available to you. But if you do

1. It is unlikely you will get help for that.

2. We will not take your needs into consideration. If we need to change
these structures, and it breaks your project, that would be your

> How to track the PIDs of each TV and radio service in real time?

A much better solution would be for you to describe exactly what you
want to do (I am personally not versed in MPEG-TS enough), what you
tried with the public API and how you think it is not sufficient.


  Nicolas George
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