[Libav-user] What are my license responsibilities?

Anderson, M. Paul Paul.Anderson at jhuapl.edu
Tue May 25 00:22:37 EEST 2021


I'd like to understand your license requirements as they apply to software my team is creating. For a little background, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is a non-profit organization, and our project creates desktop training software for the Navy. This is a very limited software distribution, with the sole purpose of training sailors that operate a specific class of  submarine. Due to the classified nature of the program, this training software cannot, and will never be, distributed commercially.

We use the FFmpeg binaries, unmodified, linked into our software executable. I am unclear on what license requirements we must abide by for this limited use. Can you provide guidance on your license expectations, as well as an online reference I can read? Because of our unique project, I am unclear how your license requirements apply.

I have viewed the License Compliance Checklist on this<https://ffmpeg.org/legal.html#:~:text=FFmpeg%20is%20licensed%20under%20the%20GNU%20Lesser%20General,used%20the%20GPL%20applies%20to%20all%20of%20FFmpeg.> page, however, I am unclear on which of the 18 items are "good ideas" and which are "required". Since we are using the libs unmodified, I'd like to understand how to ensure compliance.

Thank you,

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