[Libav-user] Do we need license from Dolby to use ac3, eac-3 decoding in FFmpeg

drwho drwho at infidigm.net
Wed Aug 10 19:08:01 EEST 2022

If you are paying royalties, you might get away with using ffmpeg and 
just not tell them.  You will have to read you license agreement.  Dolby 
is concerned about quality.  As long as the product passes 
certification, Dolby might never know you are using ffmpeg.

Dolby's latest atmos decoding library is a massive pile of shit. The 
library is not re-entrant and can not be multi threaded.  It is useless 
for modern multicore arm SoCs.  ffmpeg is highly superior.


On 2022-08-10 11:54, rohit khali wrote:
> Thanks Jon,
> Yes, query was in context of a future sellable product.
> I remember these Dolby certification processes for a couple of 
> integration I had done for dolby-e and dplc long back.
> Here the difference was code was within FFmpeg as libfree type so was 
> wondering whether are we allowed to use these versions of ac3, eac3 
> without any restrictions. And looks like the answer is NO.
> Regards,
> Rohit Khali
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