[Libav-user] Multithread decode and scaler

wolverin wolverin82 at mail.ru
Fri Aug 19 18:29:28 EEST 2022

>I do not konw. I notice that vf_scale() is not using
>sws_alloc_context(), then setting options then sws_init_context() while
>you use sws_getContext(), which includes sws_init_context(), and then
>you set the threads options. Therefore, I suspect you need to set the
>threads options before sws_init_context() is called.
I think I've started to understand how it works — ffmpeg does not use SwsContext / sws_getContext / sws_scale from exlample muxing.c, but AVFilterContext for scale
But why how to set threads for mjpeg codec context!?
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>you do not know what it means look it up.
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