[Libav-user] Multithread decode and scaler

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Aug 21 13:34:25 EEST 2022

wolverin via Libav-user (12022-08-19):
> I think I've started to understand how it works — ffmpeg does not use
> SwsContext / sws_getContext / sws_scale from exlample muxing.c, but
> AVFilterContext for scale

libavfilter is a little harder to set up (but not that much if you have
only one input and one output), but it can take care of more issues at

> But why how to set threads for mjpeg codec context!?

I do not know if it supports it. Try setting the threads options on it

Also try to use the command-line tool to see if multithreading is indeed


  Nicolas George
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