[Libav-user] How set sws_flags in Filter

wolverin wolverin82 at mail.ru
Thu Aug 25 07:53:12 EEST 2022

Sorry if the question is stupid )) but I didn't find how to do it
I am using AVFilterContext for scaling because it is multithreaded but still slow and I want to specify SWS_FAST_BILINEAR
I'm trying to specify this (scale work), but I get an error: No such filter: 'sws_flags'
        char args[512];
        snprintf(args, sizeof(args), "scale=%d:%d,sws_flags=1",
                pCdcCtxOut->width, pCdcCtxOut->height);
        if ((rt = avfilter_graph_parse_ptr(pFltGph, args, &pFltInp, &pFltOut, NULL)) < 0)
            PrintError("Error avfilter_graph_parse_ptr", rt);
            goto FILTER_END;
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