[Libav-user] av_parser_iterate crash

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Nov 7 18:08:04 EET 2022

Landry Norris (12022-11-07):
> When running on iOS, I get crash reports from Crashlytics indicating a
> SIGABRT inside of av_parser_iterate (I call av_read_frame, which calls
> av_parser_init, which calls av_parser_iterate). The source for
> av_parser_iterate doesn't directly call libsystem_c.dylib abort(), but I
> think that iOS calls into this when bad memory is accessed.
> Has anyone run into this before, or is there a good place for me to start
> looking for what the issue could be? I haven't been able to replicate this
> on a dev machine. Reports just come in from crashlytics.

A SIGABRT is usually the result of an assert failure. That means you
should have all you need to know what happens in the log output.
If not, attach the binary in a debugger and request a stack trace when
you get the signal.


  Nicolas George

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