[Libav-user] How to build for Apple M1 with neon enabled?

drwho drwho at infidigm.net
Fri Nov 18 05:36:10 EET 2022

Hello, I am trying to build ffmpeg for the Apple M1 with neon 
optimizations turned on.  This configure fails to enable neon or VFP.  
MacOS / sdk 12.3.  I've tried the release 5.1 branch and master.

./configure --arch=arm64 --disable-everything --enable-pic --enable-neon 
--enable-optimizations --cpu=cortex-a8 --cc=/usr/bin/clang

C compiler                /usr/bin/clang
C library
host C compiler           gcc
host C library
ARCH                      aarch64 (cortex-a8)
big-endian                no
runtime cpu detection     yes
NEON enabled              no
VFP enabled               no
debug symbols             yes
strip symbols             yes
optimize for size         no
optimizations             yes
static                    yes
shared                    no
postprocessing support    no
network support           yes
threading support         pthreads
safe bitstream reader     yes
texi2html enabled         no
perl enabled              yes
pod2man enabled           yes
makeinfo enabled          yes
makeinfo supports HTML    no
xmllint enabled           yes

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