[Libav-user] Creating Panned MP3 Clips

Terry Corbet tcorbet at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jan 1 23:44:04 EET 2023

I am not sure I am following all of the information you are exchanging, 
but I have understood that the best alternative within the context of 
just using the ffmpeg.exe application and some configuration of the 
StereoTools filter options is my best bet.

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions.

On 2023-01-01 10:20, Paul B Mahol wrote:
>         Use ffmpeg's stereotools filter with asendcmd. Supports
>         runtime changing of parameters.
>     Thanks for suggestion! Yes, fully automatic panning on variable
>     length clips probably not easy to automate in CinGG
>     (even in bath mode). But I opened said filter (stereotools) and
>     apparently I can set cingg plugin keyframes for its internal
>     parameters ..
>     I do not think we have timeline support for ff filters, but does
>     this system offer any advantage in our case?
>  Timeline and runtime changeable parameters are different things, they 
> are not same.
> Timeline just disables/bypass processing in certain time frames. While 
> runtime parameters can be changed at any time frame.
> But parameters can also be slowly interpolated so that no artifacts 
> appear upon changes.
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