[Libav-user] AVFormatContext.opaque not passed through to nested inputs in imfdec.c

Jesse Auerbach JAuerbach at imax.com
Sat Sep 30 21:42:07 EEST 2023


I'm using AVFormatContext with a custom io_open callback, passing user data in the opaque field. This seems to work fine for most formats, and nested inputs from HLS, Dash, but not with IMF. According to documentation in avformat.h:

     * @note Certain muxers and demuxers do nesting, i.e. they open one or more
     * additional internal format contexts. Thus the AVFormatContext pointer
     * passed to this callback may be different from the one facing the caller.
     * It will, however, have the same 'opaque' field.

However, it appears that imfdec does not pass thru the opaque field when opening up nested MXF track resources. As it works in other formats and is specified in AVFormat header, this appears to be a bug specific to IMF.

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