AVFilterContext Struct Reference

An instance of a filter. More...

#include <avfilter.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassav_class
 needed for av_log()
 the AVFilter of which this is an instance
char * name
 name of this filter instance
unsigned input_count
 number of input pads
 array of input pads
AVFilterLink ** inputs
 array of pointers to input links
unsigned output_count
 number of output pads
 array of output pads
AVFilterLink ** outputs
 array of pointers to output links
void * priv
 private data for use by the filter
struct AVFilterCommandcommand_queue

Detailed Description

An instance of a filter.

Definition at line 617 of file avfilter.h.

Field Documentation

needed for av_log()

Definition at line 618 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by avfilter_open().

private data for use by the filter

Definition at line 632 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by av_buffersink_get_buffer_ref(), av_buffersink_poll_frame(), av_buffersink_read(), av_buffersink_read_samples(), av_buffersrc_add_ref(), av_buffersrc_get_nb_failed_requests(), av_vsrc_buffer_get_nb_failed_requests(), avfilter_free(), avfilter_open(), blend_slice(), calc_coefficients(), color_config_props(), color_init(), color_request_frame(), command(), common_init(), common_uninit(), config_inprops(), config_input(), config_input_main(), config_input_overlay(), config_input_props(), config_out_props(), config_outprops(), config_output(), config_output_props(), config_props(), config_props_input(), config_props_output(), dilate_end_frame_filter(), dilate_init(), dilate_uninit(), draw_blank_frame(), draw_mandelbrot(), draw_send_bar_slice(), draw_slice(), draw_text(), end_frame(), end_last_frame(), erode_end_frame_filter(), evolve(), fill_from_cache(), fill_picture(), fill_picture_monoblack(), fill_picture_rgb(), filter(), filter_init(), filter_samples(), frei0r_init(), get_video_buffer(), init(), init_audio(), init_pattern_from_file(), init_pattern_from_string(), init_video(), load_font(), load_font_file(), load_glyph(), load_sym(), movie_common_init(), movie_common_uninit(), output_frame(), poll_frame(), query_formats(), read_from_fifo(), request_frame(), request_samples(), return_frame(), scale_slice(), select_frame(), send_next(), send_out(), set_param(), set_params(), smooth_end_frame_filter(), smooth_init(), source_config_props(), source_init(), source_request_frame(), start_frame(), start_frame_overlay(), super2xsai(), uninit(), and write_buf().

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