libavformat/dv.h File Reference

#include "avformat.h"

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typedef struct DVDemuxContext DVDemuxContext
typedef struct DVMuxContext DVMuxContext


DVDemuxContextdv_init_demux (AVFormatContext *s)
int dv_get_packet (DVDemuxContext *, AVPacket *)
int dv_produce_packet (DVDemuxContext *, AVPacket *, uint8_t *, int)
void dv_offset_reset (DVDemuxContext *c, int64_t frame_offset)
DVMuxContextdv_init_mux (AVFormatContext *s)
int dv_assemble_frame (DVMuxContext *c, AVStream *, uint8_t *, int, uint8_t **)
void dv_delete_mux (DVMuxContext *)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 33 of file dv.h.

typedef struct DVMuxContext DVMuxContext

Definition at line 39 of file dv.h.

Function Documentation

int dv_assemble_frame ( DVMuxContext c,
AVStream ,
uint8_t *  ,
int  ,
uint8_t **   

Definition at line 235 of file dvenc.c.

void dv_delete_mux ( DVMuxContext  ) 

Definition at line 357 of file dvenc.c.

int dv_get_packet ( DVDemuxContext ,

Definition at line 306 of file dv.c.

Referenced by avi_read_packet(), dv1394_read_packet(), and dv_read_packet().

DVDemuxContext* dv_init_demux ( AVFormatContext s  ) 

Definition at line 277 of file dv.c.

Referenced by avi_read_header(), dv1394_read_header(), dv_read_header(), and mov_read_stsd().

DVMuxContext* dv_init_mux ( AVFormatContext s  ) 

Definition at line 288 of file dvenc.c.

void dv_offset_reset ( DVDemuxContext c,
int64_t  frame_offset 

Definition at line 390 of file dv.c.

Referenced by avi_read_seek(), and dv_read_seek().

int dv_produce_packet ( DVDemuxContext ,
AVPacket ,
uint8_t *  ,

Definition at line 323 of file dv.c.

Referenced by dv1394_read_packet(), and dv_read_packet().

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