libavfilter/graphparser.h File Reference

#include "avfilter.h"
#include "avfiltergraph.h"

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Data Structures

struct  AVFilterInOut
 A linked-list of the inputs/outputs of the filter chain. More...


int avfilter_graph_parse (AVFilterGraph *graph, const char *filters, AVFilterInOut *inputs, AVFilterInOut *outputs, AVClass *log_ctx)
 Adds a graph described by a string to a graph.

Function Documentation

int avfilter_graph_parse ( AVFilterGraph graph,
const char *  filters,
AVFilterInOut inputs,
AVFilterInOut outputs,
AVClass log_ctx 

Adds a graph described by a string to a graph.

graph the filter graph where to link the parsed graph context
filters string to be parsed
inputs linked list to the inputs of the graph
outputs linked list to the outputs of the graph
zero on success, -1 on error

Definition at line 287 of file graphparser.c.

Referenced by main(), and video_thread().

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