AMR synthesis functions


static int synthesis (AMRContext *p, float *lpc, float fixed_gain, const float *fixed_vector, float *samples, uint8_t overflow)
 Conduct 10th order linear predictive coding synthesis.

Function Documentation

static int synthesis ( AMRContext p,
float *  lpc,
float  fixed_gain,
const float *  fixed_vector,
float *  samples,
uint8_t  overflow 
) [static]

Conduct 10th order linear predictive coding synthesis.

p pointer to the AMRContext
lpc pointer to the LPC coefficients
fixed_gain fixed codebook gain for synthesis
fixed_vector algebraic codebook vector
samples pointer to the output speech samples
overflow 16-bit overflow flag

Definition at line 795 of file amrnbdec.c.

Referenced by amrnb_decode_frame().

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