libavcodec/mips/amrwbdec_mips.c File Reference

Reference: libavcodec/amrwbdec.c. More...

#include "libavutil/avutil.h"
#include "libavcodec/amrwbdata.h"
#include "amrwbdec_mips.h"

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void hb_fir_filter_mips (float *out, const float fir_coef[HB_FIR_SIZE+1], float mem[HB_FIR_SIZE], const float *in)

Detailed Description

Reference: libavcodec/amrwbdec.c.

Definition in file amrwbdec_mips.c.

Function Documentation

void hb_fir_filter_mips ( float *  out,
const float  fir_coef[HB_FIR_SIZE+1],
float  mem[HB_FIR_SIZE],
const float *  in 

inner loop is entirely unrolled and instructions are scheduled to minimize pipeline stall

Definition at line 56 of file amrwbdec_mips.c.

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