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h264_mc_template.c File Reference

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#define mc_part   MCFUNC(mc_part)


static void mc_part (H264Context *h, int n, int square, int height, int delta, uint8_t *dest_y, uint8_t *dest_cb, uint8_t *dest_cr, int x_offset, int y_offset, qpel_mc_func *qpix_put, h264_chroma_mc_func chroma_put, qpel_mc_func *qpix_avg, h264_chroma_mc_func chroma_avg, h264_weight_func *weight_op, h264_biweight_func *weight_avg, int list0, int list1)
static void MCFUNC() hl_motion (H264Context *h, uint8_t *dest_y, uint8_t *dest_cb, uint8_t *dest_cr, qpel_mc_func(*qpix_put)[16], h264_chroma_mc_func(*chroma_put), qpel_mc_func(*qpix_avg)[16], h264_chroma_mc_func(*chroma_avg), h264_weight_func *weight_op, h264_biweight_func *weight_avg)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define mc_part   MCFUNC(mc_part)

Definition at line 33 of file h264_mc_template.c.

Referenced by hl_motion().

Function Documentation

static void mc_part ( H264Context h,
int  n,
int  square,
int  height,
int  delta,
uint8_t dest_y,
uint8_t dest_cb,
uint8_t dest_cr,
int  x_offset,
int  y_offset,
qpel_mc_func qpix_put,
h264_chroma_mc_func  chroma_put,
qpel_mc_func qpix_avg,
h264_chroma_mc_func  chroma_avg,
h264_weight_func weight_op,
h264_biweight_func weight_avg,
int  list0,
int  list1 

Definition at line 35 of file h264_mc_template.c.

static void MCFUNC() hl_motion ( H264Context h,
uint8_t dest_y,
uint8_t dest_cb,
uint8_t dest_cr,
qpel_mc_func(*)  qpix_put[16],
h264_chroma_mc_func chroma_put,
qpel_mc_func(*)  qpix_avg[16],
h264_chroma_mc_func chroma_avg,
h264_weight_func weight_op,
h264_biweight_func weight_avg 

Definition at line 61 of file h264_mc_template.c.