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file  avfft.h

Data Structures

struct  FFTComplex


typedef float FFTSample


enum  RDFTransformType { DFT_R2C, IDFT_C2R, IDFT_R2C, DFT_C2R }
enum  DCTTransformType { DCT_II = 0, DCT_III, DCT_I, DST_I }


FFTContextav_fft_init (int nbits, int inverse)
 Set up a complex FFT. More...
void av_fft_permute (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
 Do the permutation needed BEFORE calling ff_fft_calc(). More...
void av_fft_calc (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
 Do a complex FFT with the parameters defined in av_fft_init(). More...
void av_fft_end (FFTContext *s)
FFTContextav_mdct_init (int nbits, int inverse, double scale)
void av_imdct_calc (FFTContext *s, FFTSample *output, const FFTSample *input)
void av_imdct_half (FFTContext *s, FFTSample *output, const FFTSample *input)
void av_mdct_calc (FFTContext *s, FFTSample *output, const FFTSample *input)
void av_mdct_end (FFTContext *s)
RDFTContextav_rdft_init (int nbits, enum RDFTransformType trans)
 Set up a real FFT. More...
void av_rdft_calc (RDFTContext *s, FFTSample *data)
void av_rdft_end (RDFTContext *s)
DCTContextav_dct_init (int nbits, enum DCTTransformType type)
 Set up DCT. More...
void av_dct_calc (DCTContext *s, FFTSample *data)
void av_dct_end (DCTContext *s)

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ FFTSample

typedef float FFTSample

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Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ RDFTransformType


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◆ DCTTransformType


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Function Documentation

◆ av_fft_init()

FFTContext* av_fft_init ( int  nbits,
int  inverse 

Set up a complex FFT.

nbitslog2 of the length of the input array
inverseif 0 perform the forward transform, if 1 perform the inverse

Definition at line 28 of file avfft.c.

Referenced by config_input(), config_output(), convert_coeffs(), fft_init(), init(), and load_data().

◆ av_fft_permute()

void av_fft_permute ( FFTContext s,
FFTComplex z 

◆ av_fft_calc()

void av_fft_calc ( FFTContext s,
FFTComplex z 

Do a complex FFT with the parameters defined in av_fft_init().

The input data must be permuted before. No 1.0/sqrt(n) normalization is done.

Definition at line 43 of file avfft.c.

Referenced by convert_coeffs(), export_plane(), fast_convolute2(), fft_calc(), fft_horizontal(), fft_vertical(), filter_channel(), filter_frame(), headphone_fast_convolute(), ifft_horizontal(), ifft_vertical(), import_plane(), load_data(), plot_cqt(), plot_freqs(), run_channel_fft(), sample_noise_block(), sofalizer_fast_convolute(), and synth_window().

◆ av_fft_end()

void av_fft_end ( FFTContext s)

Definition at line 48 of file avfft.c.

Referenced by common_uninit(), config_output(), convert_coeffs(), fft_end(), load_data(), and uninit().

◆ av_mdct_init()

FFTContext* av_mdct_init ( int  nbits,
int  inverse,
double  scale 

Referenced by mdct_init().

◆ av_imdct_calc()

void av_imdct_calc ( FFTContext s,
FFTSample output,
const FFTSample input 

Referenced by imdct_calc().

◆ av_imdct_half()

void av_imdct_half ( FFTContext s,
FFTSample output,
const FFTSample input 

◆ av_mdct_calc()

void av_mdct_calc ( FFTContext s,
FFTSample output,
const FFTSample input 

Referenced by mdct_calc().

◆ av_mdct_end()

void av_mdct_end ( FFTContext s)

Referenced by mdct_end().

◆ av_rdft_init()

RDFTContext* av_rdft_init ( int  nbits,
enum RDFTransformType  trans 

Set up a real FFT.

nbitslog2 of the length of the input array
transthe type of transform

Referenced by config_input(), config_output(), config_props(), equ_init(), fir_to_phase(), init_segment(), video_audio_display(), and yae_reset().

◆ av_rdft_calc()

void av_rdft_calc ( RDFTContext s,
FFTSample data 

◆ av_rdft_end()

void av_rdft_end ( RDFTContext s)

◆ av_dct_init()

DCTContext* av_dct_init ( int  nbits,
enum DCTTransformType  type 

Set up DCT.

nbitssize of the input array: (1 << nbits) for DCT-II, DCT-III and DST-I (1 << nbits) + 1 for DCT-I
typethe type of transform
the first element of the input of DST-I is ignored

Referenced by config_input().

◆ av_dct_calc()

void av_dct_calc ( DCTContext s,
FFTSample data 

◆ av_dct_end()

void av_dct_end ( DCTContext s)

Referenced by uninit().