Data Fields
ThreadContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

pthread_mutex_t buffer_mutex
pthread_mutex_t task_fifo_mutex
pthread_cond_t task_fifo_cond
Task finished_tasks [BUFFER_SIZE]
pthread_mutex_t finished_task_mutex
pthread_cond_t finished_task_cond
unsigned task_index
unsigned finished_task_index
pthread_t worker [MAX_THREADS]
atomic_int exit
void * arg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

Field Documentation

◆ parent_avctx

AVCodecContext* ThreadContext::parent_avctx

Definition at line 45 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ buffer_mutex

pthread_mutex_t ThreadContext::buffer_mutex

Definition at line 46 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ task_fifo

AVFifoBuffer* ThreadContext::task_fifo

Definition at line 48 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ task_fifo_mutex

pthread_mutex_t ThreadContext::task_fifo_mutex

Definition at line 49 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ task_fifo_cond

pthread_cond_t ThreadContext::task_fifo_cond

Definition at line 50 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ finished_tasks

Task ThreadContext::finished_tasks[BUFFER_SIZE]

Definition at line 52 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ finished_task_mutex

pthread_mutex_t ThreadContext::finished_task_mutex

Definition at line 53 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ finished_task_cond

pthread_cond_t ThreadContext::finished_task_cond

Definition at line 54 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ task_index

unsigned ThreadContext::task_index

Definition at line 56 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ finished_task_index

unsigned ThreadContext::finished_task_index

Definition at line 57 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ worker

pthread_t ThreadContext::worker[MAX_THREADS]

Definition at line 59 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ exit

atomic_int ThreadContext::exit

Definition at line 60 of file frame_thread_encoder.c.

◆ graph

AVFilterGraph* ThreadContext::graph

Definition at line 37 of file pthread.c.

◆ thread

AVSliceThread* ThreadContext::thread

Definition at line 38 of file pthread.c.

◆ func

avfilter_action_func* ThreadContext::func

Definition at line 39 of file pthread.c.

◆ ctx

AVFilterContext* ThreadContext::ctx

Definition at line 42 of file pthread.c.

◆ arg

void* ThreadContext::arg

Definition at line 43 of file pthread.c.

◆ rets

int* ThreadContext::rets

Definition at line 44 of file pthread.c.

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