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1 /*
2  * ISO Media common code
3  * copyright (c) 2001 Fabrice Bellard
4  * copyright (c) 2002 Francois Revol <revol@free.fr>
5  * copyright (c) 2006 Baptiste Coudurier <baptiste.coudurier@free.fr>
6  *
7  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
8  *
9  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
10  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
11  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
12  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
13  *
14  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
18  *
19  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
20  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
21  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
22  */
24 #ifndef AVFORMAT_ISOM_H
25 #define AVFORMAT_ISOM_H
27 #include <stddef.h>
28 #include <stdint.h>
32 #include "libavutil/spherical.h"
33 #include "libavutil/stereo3d.h"
35 #include "avio.h"
36 #include "internal.h"
37 #include "dv.h"
39 /* isom.c */
40 extern const AVCodecTag ff_mp4_obj_type[];
41 extern const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movvideo_tags[];
42 extern const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movaudio_tags[];
44 extern const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movdata_tags[];
46 int ff_mov_iso639_to_lang(const char lang[4], int mp4);
47 int ff_mov_lang_to_iso639(unsigned code, char to[4]);
49 struct AVAESCTR;
51 /* the QuickTime file format is quite convoluted...
52  * it has lots of index tables, each indexing something in another one...
53  * Here we just use what is needed to read the chunks
54  */
56 typedef struct MOVStts {
57  unsigned int count;
58  int duration;
59 } MOVStts;
61 typedef struct MOVStsc {
62  int first;
63  int count;
64  int id;
65 } MOVStsc;
67 typedef struct MOVElst {
68  int64_t duration;
69  int64_t time;
70  float rate;
71 } MOVElst;
73 typedef struct MOVDref {
74  uint32_t type;
75  char *path;
76  char *dir;
77  char volume[28];
78  char filename[64];
79  int16_t nlvl_to, nlvl_from;
80 } MOVDref;
82 typedef struct MOVAtom {
83  uint32_t type;
84  int64_t size; /* total size (excluding the size and type fields) */
85 } MOVAtom;
87 struct MOVParseTableEntry;
89 typedef struct MOVFragment {
91  unsigned track_id;
92  uint64_t base_data_offset;
93  uint64_t moof_offset;
94  uint64_t implicit_offset;
95  unsigned stsd_id;
96  unsigned duration;
97  unsigned size;
98  unsigned flags;
99 } MOVFragment;
101 typedef struct MOVTrackExt {
102  unsigned track_id;
103  unsigned stsd_id;
104  unsigned duration;
105  unsigned size;
106  unsigned flags;
107 } MOVTrackExt;
109 typedef struct MOVSbgp {
110  unsigned int count;
111  unsigned int index;
112 } MOVSbgp;
114 typedef struct MOVEncryptionIndex {
115  // Individual encrypted samples. If there are no elements, then the default
116  // settings will be used.
117  unsigned int nb_encrypted_samples;
123  uint64_t* auxiliary_offsets; ///< Absolute seek position
127 typedef struct MOVFragmentStreamInfo {
128  int id;
129  int64_t sidx_pts;
130  int64_t first_tfra_pts;
131  int64_t tfdt_dts;
136 typedef struct MOVFragmentIndexItem {
137  int64_t moof_offset;
139  int current;
144 typedef struct MOVFragmentIndex {
146  int complete;
147  int current;
148  int nb_items;
152 typedef struct MOVIndexRange {
153  int64_t start;
154  int64_t end;
155 } MOVIndexRange;
157 typedef struct MOVStreamContext {
160  int ffindex; ///< AVStream index
162  unsigned int chunk_count;
163  int64_t *chunk_offsets;
164  unsigned int stts_count;
166  unsigned int ctts_count;
167  unsigned int ctts_allocated_size;
169  unsigned int stsc_count;
171  unsigned int stsc_index;
173  unsigned int stps_count;
174  unsigned *stps_data; ///< partial sync sample for mpeg-2 open gop
176  unsigned int elst_count;
179  unsigned int sample_size; ///< may contain value calculated from stsd or value from stsz atom
180  unsigned int stsz_sample_size; ///< always contains sample size from stsz atom
181  unsigned int sample_count;
184  unsigned int keyframe_count;
185  int *keyframes;
187  int64_t time_offset; ///< time offset of the edit list entries
188  int64_t min_corrected_pts; ///< minimum Composition time shown by the edits excluding empty edits.
190  int64_t current_index;
193  unsigned int bytes_per_frame;
194  unsigned int samples_per_frame;
196  int pseudo_stream_id; ///< -1 means demux all ids
197  int16_t audio_cid; ///< stsd audio compression id
198  unsigned drefs_count;
200  int dref_id;
202  int width; ///< tkhd width
203  int height; ///< tkhd height
204  int dts_shift; ///< dts shift when ctts is negative
205  uint32_t palette[256];
207  int64_t data_size;
208  uint32_t tmcd_flags; ///< tmcd track flags
209  int64_t track_end; ///< used for dts generation in fragmented movie files
210  int start_pad; ///< amount of samples to skip due to enc-dec delay
211  unsigned int rap_group_count;
217  /** extradata array (and size) for multiple stsd */
230  size_t coll_size;
232  uint32_t format;
234  int has_sidx; // If there is an sidx entry for this stream.
235  struct {
236  struct AVAESCTR* aes_ctr;
237  unsigned int per_sample_iv_size; // Either 0, 8, or 16.
240  } cenc;
243 typedef struct MOVContext {
244  const AVClass *class; ///< class for private options
247  int64_t duration; ///< duration of the longest track
248  int found_moov; ///< 'moov' atom has been found
249  int found_mdat; ///< 'mdat' atom has been found
250  int found_hdlr_mdta; ///< 'hdlr' atom with type 'mdta' has been found
251  int trak_index; ///< Index of the current 'trak'
252  char **meta_keys;
253  unsigned meta_keys_count;
256  int isom; ///< 1 if file is ISO Media (mp4/3gp)
257  MOVFragment fragment; ///< current fragment in moof atom
259  unsigned trex_count;
260  int itunes_metadata; ///< metadata are itunes style
263  unsigned int nb_chapter_tracks;
269  int64_t next_root_atom; ///< offset of the next root atom
272  int *bitrates; ///< bitrates read before streams creation
279  unsigned int aax_mode; ///< 'aax' file has been detected
280  uint8_t file_key[20];
281  uint8_t file_iv[20];
290  int32_t movie_display_matrix[3][3]; ///< display matrix from mvhd
291 } MOVContext;
296 void ff_mp4_parse_es_descr(AVIOContext *pb, int *es_id);
298 #define MP4ODescrTag 0x01
299 #define MP4IODescrTag 0x02
300 #define MP4ESDescrTag 0x03
301 #define MP4DecConfigDescrTag 0x04
302 #define MP4DecSpecificDescrTag 0x05
303 #define MP4SLDescrTag 0x06
305 #define MOV_TFHD_BASE_DATA_OFFSET 0x01
306 #define MOV_TFHD_STSD_ID 0x02
308 #define MOV_TFHD_DEFAULT_SIZE 0x10
309 #define MOV_TFHD_DEFAULT_FLAGS 0x20
310 #define MOV_TFHD_DURATION_IS_EMPTY 0x010000
311 #define MOV_TFHD_DEFAULT_BASE_IS_MOOF 0x020000
313 #define MOV_TRUN_DATA_OFFSET 0x01
315 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_DURATION 0x100
316 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_SIZE 0x200
317 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_FLAGS 0x400
318 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_CTS 0x800
321 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_IS_NON_SYNC 0x00010000
322 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_PADDING_MASK 0x000e0000
325 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_DEPENDS_MASK 0x03000000
327 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_DEPENDS_NO 0x02000000
328 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_DEPENDS_YES 0x01000000
330 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_ENABLED 0x0001
331 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_IN_MOVIE 0x0002
332 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_IN_PREVIEW 0x0004
333 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_IN_POSTER 0x0008
340 #define TAG_IS_AVCI(tag) \
341  ((tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', 'p') || \
342  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', 'q') || \
343  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '2') || \
344  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '3') || \
345  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '5') || \
346  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '6') || \
347  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', 'p') || \
348  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', 'q') || \
349  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '2') || \
350  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '3') || \
351  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '5') || \
352  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '6') || \
353  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', 'v', 'x') || \
354  (tag) == MKTAG('A', 'V', 'i', 'n'))
359 int ff_mov_read_stsd_entries(MOVContext *c, AVIOContext *pb, int entries);
360 void ff_mov_write_chan(AVIOContext *pb, int64_t channel_layout);
362 #define FF_MOV_FLAG_MFRA_AUTO -1
363 #define FF_MOV_FLAG_MFRA_DTS 1
364 #define FF_MOV_FLAG_MFRA_PTS 2
366 /**
367  * Compute codec id for 'lpcm' tag.
368  * See CoreAudioTypes and AudioStreamBasicDescription at Apple.
369  */
370 static inline enum AVCodecID ff_mov_get_lpcm_codec_id(int bps, int flags)
371 {
372  /* lpcm flags:
373  * 0x1 = float
374  * 0x2 = big-endian
375  * 0x4 = signed
376  */
377  return ff_get_pcm_codec_id(bps, flags & 1, flags & 2, flags & 4 ? -1 : 0);
378 }
380 #endif /* AVFORMAT_ISOM_H */
int itunes_metadata
metadata are itunes style
Definition: isom.h:260
int * bitrates
bitrates read before streams creation
Definition: isom.h:272
int64_t current_index
Definition: isom.h:190
int64_t moof_offset
Definition: isom.h:137
size_t auxiliary_offsets_count
Definition: isom.h:124
Bytestream IO Context.
Definition: avio.h:161
Buffered I/O operations.
uint32_t tmcd_flags
tmcd track flags
Definition: isom.h:208
const AVCodecTag ff_mp4_obj_type[]
Definition: isom.c:34
unsigned int rap_group_count
Definition: isom.h:211
int found_tfhd
Definition: isom.h:90
unsigned int elst_count
Definition: isom.h:176
MOVTrackExt * trex_data
Definition: isom.h:258
int export_all
Definition: isom.h:270
int64_t end
Definition: isom.h:154
unsigned track_id
Definition: isom.h:91
uint32_t format
Definition: isom.h:232
unsigned int samples_per_frame
Definition: isom.h:194
int dv_audio_container
Definition: isom.h:195
Definition: isom.h:56
float rate
Definition: isom.h:70
uint64_t base_data_offset
Definition: isom.h:92
int64_t duration
Definition: isom.h:68
size_t spherical_size
Definition: isom.h:227
unsigned int ctts_allocated_size
Definition: isom.h:167
unsigned int stsc_count
Definition: isom.h:169
int has_palette
Definition: isom.h:206
AVEncryptionInfo * default_encrypted_sample
Definition: isom.h:238
int allocated_size
Definition: isom.h:145
AVMasteringDisplayMetadata * mastering
Definition: isom.h:228
uint8_t * decryption_key
Definition: isom.h:287
This describes encryption info for a packet.
int ignore_chapters
Definition: isom.h:267
void * activation_bytes
Definition: isom.h:282
AVEncryptionInfo ** encrypted_samples
Definition: isom.h:118
uint64_t * auxiliary_offsets
Absolute seek position.
Definition: isom.h:123
int ff_mp4_read_dec_config_descr(AVFormatContext *fc, AVStream *st, AVIOContext *pb)
Definition: isom.c:510
int16_t audio_cid
stsd audio compression id
Definition: isom.h:197
char ** meta_keys
Definition: isom.h:252
int height
tkhd height
Definition: isom.h:203
uint32_t type
Definition: isom.h:83
MOVElst * elst_data
Definition: isom.h:175
MOVStsc * stsc_data
Definition: isom.h:170
int nb_items
Definition: isom.h:148
int ctts_index
Definition: isom.h:177
int complete
Definition: isom.h:146
unsigned stsd_id
Definition: isom.h:103
AVSphericalMapping * spherical
Definition: isom.h:226
int found_moov
&#39;moov&#39; atom has been found
Definition: isom.h:248
unsigned flags
Definition: isom.h:106
int isom
1 if file is ISO Media (mp4/3gp)
Definition: isom.h:256
int found_mdat
&#39;mdat&#39; atom has been found
Definition: isom.h:249
int width
tkhd width
Definition: isom.h:202
unsigned drefs_count
Definition: isom.h:198
Format I/O context.
Definition: avformat.h:1358
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movvideo_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:75
MOVDref * drefs
Definition: isom.h:199
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movaudio_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:318
int first
Definition: isom.h:62
size_t coll_size
Definition: isom.h:230
int ff_mp4_read_descr_len(AVIOContext *pb)
Definition: isom.c:463
Stereo 3D type: this structure describes how two videos are packed within a single video surface...
Definition: stereo3d.h:176
unsigned int sample_count
Definition: isom.h:181
int count
Definition: isom.h:63
int dts_shift
dts shift when ctts is negative
Definition: isom.h:204
int stsd_version
Definition: isom.h:222
Undefined Behavior In the C some operations are like signed integer dereferencing freed accessing outside allocated Undefined Behavior must not occur in a C it is not safe even if the output of undefined operations is unused The unsafety may seem nit picking but Optimizing compilers have in fact optimized code on the assumption that no undefined Behavior occurs Optimizing code based on wrong assumptions can and has in some cases lead to effects beyond the output of computations The signed integer overflow problem in speed critical code Code which is highly optimized and works with signed integers sometimes has the problem that often the output of the computation does not c
Definition: undefined.txt:32
unsigned int count
Definition: isom.h:110
int16_t nlvl_to
Definition: isom.h:79
int stsd_count
Definition: isom.h:221
int activation_bytes_size
Definition: isom.h:283
uint32_t tag
Definition: movenc.c:1496
int nb_frames_for_fps
Definition: isom.h:214
struct AVAESCTR * aes_ctr
Definition: isom.h:236
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movsubtitle_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:376
int current_sample
Definition: isom.h:189
unsigned track_id
Definition: isom.h:102
const char * to
Definition: webvttdec.c:34
int64_t time_offset
time offset of the edit list entries
Definition: isom.h:187
unsigned int keyframe_count
Definition: isom.h:184
MOVIndexRange * index_ranges
Definition: isom.h:191
int64_t first_tfra_pts
Definition: isom.h:130
uint8_t * auxiliary_info_sizes
Definition: isom.h:120
int * extradata_size
Definition: isom.h:219
#define fc(width, name, range_min, range_max)
Definition: cbs_av1.c:551
Content light level needed by to transmit HDR over HDMI (CTA-861.3).
Identify the syntax and semantics of the bitstream.
Definition: avcodec.h:215
unsigned int ctts_count
Definition: isom.h:166
int64_t tfdt_dts
Definition: isom.h:131
int stsc_sample
Definition: isom.h:172
int atom_depth
Definition: isom.h:278
MOVIndexRange * current_index_range
Definition: isom.h:192
int * keyframes
Definition: isom.h:185
AVFormatContext * fc
Definition: isom.h:245
int handbrake_version
Definition: isom.h:261
int ctts_sample
Definition: isom.h:178
int keyframe_absent
Definition: isom.h:183
void * audible_fixed_key
Definition: isom.h:284
int64_t min_corrected_pts
minimum Composition time shown by the edits excluding empty edits.
Definition: isom.h:188
AVContentLightMetadata * coll
Definition: isom.h:229
struct AVAES * aes_decrypt
Definition: isom.h:286
Spherical video.
MOVFragmentStreamInfo * stream_info
Definition: isom.h:141
char * dir
Definition: isom.h:76
int id
Definition: isom.h:64
uint8_t auxiliary_info_default_size
Definition: isom.h:122
int decryption_key_len
Definition: isom.h:288
int audible_fixed_key_size
Definition: isom.h:285
int advanced_editlist
Definition: isom.h:266
char * path
Definition: isom.h:75
int time_scale
Definition: isom.h:186
Definition: isom.h:109
uint64_t moof_offset
Definition: isom.h:93
MOVStts * ctts_data
Definition: isom.h:168
unsigned size
Definition: isom.h:105
void ff_mov_write_chan(AVIOContext *pb, int64_t channel_layout)
Definition: isom.c:642
int ignore_editlist
Definition: isom.h:265
MOVFragmentIndexItem * item
Definition: isom.h:149
int64_t * chunk_offsets
Definition: isom.h:163
unsigned int index
Definition: isom.h:111
MOVFragmentIndex frag_index
Definition: isom.h:277
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movdata_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:383
int ff_mov_read_esds(AVFormatContext *fc, AVIOContext *pb)
Definition: mov_esds.c:23
int64_t duration
duration of the longest track
Definition: isom.h:247
Stream structure.
Definition: avformat.h:881
unsigned duration
Definition: isom.h:104
DVDemuxContext * dv_demux
Definition: isom.h:254
int timecode_track
Definition: isom.h:201
int * sample_sizes
Definition: isom.h:182
unsigned duration
Definition: isom.h:96
MOVSbgp * rap_group
Definition: isom.h:212
int duration
Definition: isom.h:58
int * chapter_tracks
Definition: isom.h:262
unsigned int stsz_sample_size
always contains sample size from stsz atom
Definition: isom.h:180
unsigned trex_count
Definition: isom.h:259
int enable_drefs
Definition: isom.h:289
int64_t data_size
Definition: isom.h:207
int has_looked_for_mfra
Definition: isom.h:276
uint32_t type
Definition: isom.h:74
unsigned int count
Definition: isom.h:57
MOVStts * stts_data
Definition: isom.h:165
MOVEncryptionIndex * encryption_index
Definition: isom.h:133
Describe the class of an AVClass context structure.
Definition: log.h:67
enum AVCodecID ff_get_pcm_codec_id(int bps, int flt, int be, int sflags)
Select a PCM codec based on the given parameters.
Definition: utils.c:3137
unsigned int aax_mode
&#39;aax&#39; file has been detected
Definition: isom.h:279
Mastering display metadata capable of representing the color volume of the display used to master the...
MOVFragment fragment
current fragment in moof atom
Definition: isom.h:257
int64_t track_end
used for dts generation in fragmented movie files
Definition: isom.h:209
Definition: isom.h:82
static enum AVCodecID ff_mov_get_lpcm_codec_id(int bps, int flags)
Compute codec id for &#39;lpcm&#39; tag.
Definition: isom.h:370
int use_mfra_for
Definition: isom.h:275
int64_t time
Definition: isom.h:69
int pb_is_copied
Definition: isom.h:159
int ff_mov_lang_to_iso639(unsigned code, char to[4])
Definition: isom.c:441
This structure describes how to handle spherical videos, outlining information about projection...
Definition: spherical.h:82
int ff_mov_read_stsd_entries(MOVContext *c, AVIOContext *pb, int entries)
Definition: mov.c:2461
int next_chunk
Definition: isom.h:161
AVFormatContext * dv_fctx
Definition: isom.h:255
unsigned int stsc_index
Definition: isom.h:171
int ff_mp4_read_descr(AVFormatContext *fc, AVIOContext *pb, int *tag)
Definition: isom.c:476
uint64_t implicit_offset
Definition: isom.h:94
#define flags(name, subs,...)
Definition: cbs_av1.c:561
and forward the test the status of outputs and forward it to the corresponding return FFERROR_NOT_READY If the filters stores internally one or a few frame for some it can consider them to be part of the FIFO and delay acknowledging a status change accordingly Example code
AVStereo3D * stereo3d
Definition: isom.h:225
unsigned int per_sample_iv_size
Definition: isom.h:237
unsigned * stps_data
partial sync sample for mpeg-2 open gop
Definition: isom.h:174
int ff_mov_iso639_to_lang(const char lang[4], int mp4)
Definition: isom.c:414
int64_t sidx_pts
Definition: isom.h:129
int start_pad
amount of samples to skip due to enc-dec delay
Definition: isom.h:210
int trak_index
Index of the current &#39;trak&#39;.
Definition: isom.h:251
int32_t * display_matrix
Definition: isom.h:224
AVIOContext * pb
Definition: isom.h:158
unsigned int bytes_per_frame
Definition: isom.h:193
unsigned flags
Definition: isom.h:98
int bitrates_count
Definition: isom.h:273
int64_t size
Definition: isom.h:84
int export_xmp
Definition: isom.h:271
int seek_individually
Definition: isom.h:268
unsigned int stps_count
Definition: isom.h:173
unsigned int chunk_count
Definition: isom.h:162
Stereoscopic video.
unsigned bps
Definition: movenc.c:1497
int64_t start
Definition: isom.h:153
unsigned meta_keys_count
Definition: isom.h:253
unsigned stsd_id
Definition: isom.h:95
MOVEncryptionIndex * encryption_index
Definition: isom.h:239
unsigned int stts_count
Definition: isom.h:164
unsigned int sample_size
may contain value calculated from stsd or value from stsz atom
Definition: isom.h:179
int64_t next_root_atom
offset of the next root atom
Definition: isom.h:269
int last_stsd_index
Definition: isom.h:220
unsigned int nb_encrypted_samples
Definition: isom.h:117
unsigned int nb_chapter_tracks
Definition: isom.h:263
int time_scale
Definition: isom.h:246
void ff_mp4_parse_es_descr(AVIOContext *pb, int *es_id)
Definition: isom.c:485
Definition: isom.h:67
int pseudo_stream_id
-1 means demux all ids
Definition: isom.h:196
int ffindex
AVStream index.
Definition: isom.h:160
uint8_t ** extradata
extradata array (and size) for multiple stsd
Definition: isom.h:218
int use_absolute_path
Definition: isom.h:264
unsigned size
Definition: isom.h:97
int64_t duration_for_fps
Definition: isom.h:215
int moov_retry
Definition: isom.h:274
size_t auxiliary_info_sample_count
Definition: isom.h:121
int found_hdlr_mdta
&#39;hdlr&#39; atom with type &#39;mdta&#39; has been found
Definition: isom.h:250
Definition: isom.h:61
int has_sidx
Definition: isom.h:234
Definition: isom.h:73