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1 /*
2  * ISO Media common code
3  * copyright (c) 2001 Fabrice Bellard
4  * copyright (c) 2002 Francois Revol <revol@free.fr>
5  * copyright (c) 2006 Baptiste Coudurier <baptiste.coudurier@free.fr>
6  *
7  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
8  *
9  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
10  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
11  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
12  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
13  *
14  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
18  *
19  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
20  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
21  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
22  */
24 #ifndef AVFORMAT_ISOM_H
25 #define AVFORMAT_ISOM_H
27 #include "avio.h"
28 #include "internal.h"
29 #include "dv.h"
31 /* isom.c */
32 extern const AVCodecTag ff_mp4_obj_type[];
33 extern const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movvideo_tags[];
34 extern const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movaudio_tags[];
37 int ff_mov_iso639_to_lang(const char lang[4], int mp4);
38 int ff_mov_lang_to_iso639(unsigned code, char to[4]);
40 /* the QuickTime file format is quite convoluted...
41  * it has lots of index tables, each indexing something in another one...
42  * Here we just use what is needed to read the chunks
43  */
45 typedef struct MOVStts {
46  int count;
47  int duration;
48 } MOVStts;
50 typedef struct MOVStsc {
51  int first;
52  int count;
53  int id;
54 } MOVStsc;
56 typedef struct MOVElst {
57  int64_t duration;
58  int64_t time;
59  float rate;
60 } MOVElst;
62 typedef struct MOVDref {
63  uint32_t type;
64  char *path;
65  char *dir;
66  char volume[28];
67  char filename[64];
68  int16_t nlvl_to, nlvl_from;
69 } MOVDref;
71 typedef struct MOVAtom {
72  uint32_t type;
73  int64_t size; /* total size (excluding the size and type fields) */
74 } MOVAtom;
76 struct MOVParseTableEntry;
78 typedef struct MOVFragment {
79  unsigned track_id;
80  uint64_t base_data_offset;
81  uint64_t moof_offset;
82  uint64_t implicit_offset;
83  unsigned stsd_id;
84  unsigned duration;
85  unsigned size;
86  unsigned flags;
87  int64_t time;
88 } MOVFragment;
90 typedef struct MOVTrackExt {
91  unsigned track_id;
92  unsigned stsd_id;
93  unsigned duration;
94  unsigned size;
95  unsigned flags;
96 } MOVTrackExt;
98 typedef struct MOVSbgp {
99  unsigned int count;
100  unsigned int index;
101 } MOVSbgp;
103 typedef struct MOVFragmentIndexItem {
104  int64_t moof_offset;
105  int64_t time;
109 typedef struct MOVFragmentIndex {
110  unsigned track_id;
111  unsigned item_count;
112  unsigned current_item;
116 typedef struct MOVStreamContext {
119  int ffindex; ///< AVStream index
121  unsigned int chunk_count;
122  int64_t *chunk_offsets;
123  unsigned int stts_count;
125  unsigned int ctts_count;
127  unsigned int stsc_count;
129  unsigned int stps_count;
130  unsigned *stps_data; ///< partial sync sample for mpeg-2 open gop
132  unsigned int elst_count;
135  unsigned int sample_size; ///< may contain value calculated from stsd or value from stsz atom
136  unsigned int stsz_sample_size; ///< always contains sample size from stsz atom
137  unsigned int sample_count;
140  unsigned int keyframe_count;
141  int *keyframes;
143  int64_t time_offset; ///< time offset of the edit list entries
145  unsigned int bytes_per_frame;
146  unsigned int samples_per_frame;
148  int pseudo_stream_id; ///< -1 means demux all ids
149  int16_t audio_cid; ///< stsd audio compression id
150  unsigned drefs_count;
152  int dref_id;
154  int wrong_dts; ///< dts are wrong due to huge ctts offset (iMovie files)
155  int width; ///< tkhd width
156  int height; ///< tkhd height
157  int dts_shift; ///< dts shift when ctts is negative
158  uint32_t palette[256];
160  int64_t data_size;
161  uint32_t tmcd_flags; ///< tmcd track flags
162  int64_t track_end; ///< used for dts generation in fragmented movie files
163  int start_pad; ///< amount of samples to skip due to enc-dec delay
164  unsigned int rap_group_count;
173 typedef struct MOVContext {
174  const AVClass *class; ///< class for private options
177  int64_t duration; ///< duration of the longest track
178  int found_moov; ///< 'moov' atom has been found
179  int found_mdat; ///< 'mdat' atom has been found
180  int found_hdlr_mdta; ///< 'hdlr' atom with type 'mdta' has been found
181  char **meta_keys;
182  unsigned meta_keys_count;
185  int isom; ///< 1 if file is ISO Media (mp4/3gp)
186  MOVFragment fragment; ///< current fragment in moof atom
188  unsigned trex_count;
189  int itunes_metadata; ///< metadata are itunes style
195  int64_t next_root_atom; ///< offset of the next root atom
198  int *bitrates; ///< bitrates read before streams creation
207  unsigned int aax_mode; ///< 'aax' file has been detected
215 } MOVContext;
220 void ff_mp4_parse_es_descr(AVIOContext *pb, int *es_id);
222 #define MP4ODescrTag 0x01
223 #define MP4IODescrTag 0x02
224 #define MP4ESDescrTag 0x03
225 #define MP4DecConfigDescrTag 0x04
226 #define MP4DecSpecificDescrTag 0x05
227 #define MP4SLDescrTag 0x06
229 #define MOV_TFHD_BASE_DATA_OFFSET 0x01
230 #define MOV_TFHD_STSD_ID 0x02
232 #define MOV_TFHD_DEFAULT_SIZE 0x10
233 #define MOV_TFHD_DEFAULT_FLAGS 0x20
234 #define MOV_TFHD_DURATION_IS_EMPTY 0x010000
235 #define MOV_TFHD_DEFAULT_BASE_IS_MOOF 0x020000
237 #define MOV_TRUN_DATA_OFFSET 0x01
239 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_DURATION 0x100
240 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_SIZE 0x200
241 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_FLAGS 0x400
242 #define MOV_TRUN_SAMPLE_CTS 0x800
245 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_IS_NON_SYNC 0x00010000
246 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_PADDING_MASK 0x000e0000
249 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_DEPENDS_MASK 0x03000000
251 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_DEPENDS_NO 0x02000000
252 #define MOV_FRAG_SAMPLE_FLAG_DEPENDS_YES 0x01000000
254 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_ENABLED 0x0001
255 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_IN_MOVIE 0x0002
256 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_IN_PREVIEW 0x0004
257 #define MOV_TKHD_FLAG_IN_POSTER 0x0008
259 #define TAG_IS_AVCI(tag) \
260  ((tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', 'p') || \
261  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', 'q') || \
262  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '2') || \
263  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '3') || \
264  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '5') || \
265  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '5', '6') || \
266  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', 'p') || \
267  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', 'q') || \
268  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '2') || \
269  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '3') || \
270  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '5') || \
271  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', '1', '6') || \
272  (tag) == MKTAG('a', 'i', 'v', 'x') || \
273  (tag) == MKTAG('A', 'V', 'i', 'n'))
279 int ff_mov_read_stsd_entries(MOVContext *c, AVIOContext *pb, int entries);
280 void ff_mov_write_chan(AVIOContext *pb, int64_t channel_layout);
282 #define FF_MOV_FLAG_MFRA_AUTO -1
283 #define FF_MOV_FLAG_MFRA_DTS 1
284 #define FF_MOV_FLAG_MFRA_PTS 2
286 #endif /* AVFORMAT_ISOM_H */
int chapter_track
Definition: isom.h:190
int itunes_metadata
metadata are itunes style
Definition: isom.h:189
int * bitrates
bitrates read before streams creation
Definition: isom.h:198
int64_t moof_offset
Definition: isom.h:104
Bytestream IO Context.
Definition: avio.h:111
Buffered I/O operations.
uint32_t tmcd_flags
tmcd track flags
Definition: isom.h:161
const AVCodecTag ff_mp4_obj_type[]
Definition: isom.c:34
unsigned int rap_group_count
Definition: isom.h:164
unsigned int elst_count
Definition: isom.h:132
MOVTrackExt * trex_data
Definition: isom.h:187
int export_all
Definition: isom.h:196
unsigned track_id
Definition: isom.h:79
unsigned int samples_per_frame
Definition: isom.h:146
int dv_audio_container
Definition: isom.h:147
Definition: isom.h:45
float rate
Definition: isom.h:59
uint64_t base_data_offset
Definition: isom.h:80
int64_t duration
Definition: isom.h:57
unsigned int stsc_count
Definition: isom.h:127
int has_palette
Definition: isom.h:159
unsigned item_count
Definition: isom.h:111
int ignore_chapters
Definition: isom.h:193
void * activation_bytes
Definition: isom.h:210
int ff_mp4_read_dec_config_descr(AVFormatContext *fc, AVStream *st, AVIOContext *pb)
Definition: isom.c:455
int16_t audio_cid
stsd audio compression id
Definition: isom.h:149
char ** meta_keys
Definition: isom.h:181
int height
tkhd height
Definition: isom.h:156
uint32_t type
Definition: isom.h:72
MOVElst * elst_data
Definition: isom.h:131
MOVStsc * stsc_data
Definition: isom.h:128
unsigned fragment_index_count
Definition: isom.h:204
int ctts_index
Definition: isom.h:133
unsigned stsd_id
Definition: isom.h:92
int found_moov
'moov' atom has been found
Definition: isom.h:178
unsigned flags
Definition: isom.h:95
int isom
1 if file is ISO Media (mp4/3gp)
Definition: isom.h:185
int found_mdat
'mdat' atom has been found
Definition: isom.h:179
int width
tkhd width
Definition: isom.h:155
unsigned drefs_count
Definition: isom.h:150
Format I/O context.
Definition: avformat.h:1279
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movvideo_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:71
char filename[64]
Definition: isom.h:67
MOVDref * drefs
Definition: isom.h:151
int fragment_index_complete
Definition: isom.h:205
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movaudio_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:272
int first
Definition: isom.h:51
int ff_mp4_read_descr_len(AVIOContext *pb)
Definition: isom.c:408
unsigned int sample_count
Definition: isom.h:137
int count
Definition: isom.h:52
int dts_shift
dts shift when ctts is negative
Definition: isom.h:157
unsigned int count
Definition: isom.h:99
int16_t nlvl_to
Definition: isom.h:68
char volume[28]
Definition: isom.h:66
int activation_bytes_size
Definition: isom.h:211
MOVFragmentIndex ** fragment_index_data
Definition: isom.h:203
uint32_t tag
Definition: movenc.c:1334
int nb_frames_for_fps
Definition: isom.h:167
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_movsubtitle_tags[]
Definition: isom.c:326
int current_sample
Definition: isom.h:144
unsigned track_id
Definition: isom.h:91
const char * to
Definition: webvttdec.c:34
int64_t time_offset
time offset of the edit list entries
Definition: isom.h:143
unsigned int keyframe_count
Definition: isom.h:140
Identify the syntax and semantics of the bitstream.
Definition: avcodec.h:101
unsigned int ctts_count
Definition: isom.h:125
int atom_depth
Definition: isom.h:206
int * keyframes
Definition: isom.h:141
AVFormatContext * fc
Definition: isom.h:175
int ctts_sample
Definition: isom.h:134
int keyframe_absent
Definition: isom.h:139
int16_t nlvl_from
Definition: isom.h:68
void * audible_fixed_key
Definition: isom.h:212
int64_t time
Definition: isom.h:105
uint8_t file_key[20]
Definition: isom.h:208
struct AVAES * aes_decrypt
Definition: isom.h:214
static const uint16_t fc[]
Definition: dcaenc.h:41
char * dir
Definition: isom.h:65
int id
Definition: isom.h:53
int audible_fixed_key_size
Definition: isom.h:213
char * path
Definition: isom.h:64
int time_scale
Definition: isom.h:142
int64_t time
Definition: isom.h:87
MOVFragmentIndexItem * items
Definition: isom.h:113
Definition: isom.h:98
uint64_t moof_offset
Definition: isom.h:81
MOVStts * ctts_data
Definition: isom.h:126
unsigned size
Definition: isom.h:94
void ff_mov_write_chan(AVIOContext *pb, int64_t channel_layout)
Definition: isom.c:581
int ignore_editlist
Definition: isom.h:192
int64_t * chunk_offsets
Definition: isom.h:122
unsigned int index
Definition: isom.h:100
int ff_mov_read_esds(AVFormatContext *fc, AVIOContext *pb)
Definition: mov.c:690
unsigned current_item
Definition: isom.h:112
int64_t duration
duration of the longest track
Definition: isom.h:177
Stream structure.
Definition: avformat.h:842
unsigned duration
Definition: isom.h:93
DVDemuxContext * dv_demux
Definition: isom.h:183
int timecode_track
Definition: isom.h:153
int * sample_sizes
Definition: isom.h:138
unsigned duration
Definition: isom.h:84
MOVSbgp * rap_group
Definition: isom.h:165
int duration
Definition: isom.h:47
unsigned int stsz_sample_size
always contains sample size from stsz atom
Definition: isom.h:136
unsigned trex_count
Definition: isom.h:188
int64_t data_size
Definition: isom.h:160
int has_looked_for_mfra
Definition: isom.h:202
uint32_t type
Definition: isom.h:63
MOVStts * stts_data
Definition: isom.h:124
Describe the class of an AVClass context structure.
Definition: log.h:67
int count
Definition: isom.h:46
unsigned int aax_mode
'aax' file has been detected
Definition: isom.h:207
MOVFragment fragment
current fragment in moof atom
Definition: isom.h:186
int64_t track_end
used for dts generation in fragmented movie files
Definition: isom.h:162
Definition: isom.h:71
int use_mfra_for
Definition: isom.h:201
int64_t time
Definition: isom.h:58
int pb_is_copied
Definition: isom.h:118
int ff_mov_lang_to_iso639(unsigned code, char to[4])
Definition: isom.c:386
int ff_mov_read_stsd_entries(MOVContext *c, AVIOContext *pb, int entries)
Definition: mov.c:2192
int next_chunk
Definition: isom.h:120
AVFormatContext * dv_fctx
Definition: isom.h:184
int ff_mp4_read_descr(AVFormatContext *fc, AVIOContext *pb, int *tag)
Definition: isom.c:421
uint64_t implicit_offset
Definition: isom.h:82
static int flags
Definition: cpu.c:47
unsigned * stps_data
partial sync sample for mpeg-2 open gop
Definition: isom.h:130
int ff_mov_iso639_to_lang(const char lang[4], int mp4)
Definition: isom.c:359
int start_pad
amount of samples to skip due to enc-dec delay
Definition: isom.h:163
int32_t * display_matrix
Definition: isom.h:170
AVIOContext * pb
Definition: isom.h:117
unsigned int bytes_per_frame
Definition: isom.h:145
unsigned flags
Definition: isom.h:86
int bitrates_count
Definition: isom.h:199
int wrong_dts
dts are wrong due to huge ctts offset (iMovie files)
Definition: isom.h:154
int64_t size
Definition: isom.h:73
int export_xmp
Definition: isom.h:197
int seek_individually
Definition: isom.h:194
static double c[64]
unsigned int stps_count
Definition: isom.h:129
unsigned int chunk_count
Definition: isom.h:121
unsigned bps
Definition: movenc.c:1335
unsigned meta_keys_count
Definition: isom.h:182
uint32_t palette[256]
Definition: isom.h:158
unsigned stsd_id
Definition: isom.h:83
unsigned int stts_count
Definition: isom.h:123
unsigned int sample_size
may contain value calculated from stsd or value from stsz atom
Definition: isom.h:135
uint8_t file_iv[20]
Definition: isom.h:209
enum AVCodecID ff_mov_get_lpcm_codec_id(int bps, int flags)
Compute codec id for 'lpcm' tag.
Definition: mov.c:1705
int64_t next_root_atom
offset of the next root atom
Definition: isom.h:195
int time_scale
Definition: isom.h:176
void ff_mp4_parse_es_descr(AVIOContext *pb, int *es_id)
Definition: isom.c:430
Definition: isom.h:56
int pseudo_stream_id
-1 means demux all ids
Definition: isom.h:148
int ffindex
AVStream index.
Definition: isom.h:119
int use_absolute_path
Definition: isom.h:191
unsigned size
Definition: isom.h:85
int64_t duration_for_fps
Definition: isom.h:168
unsigned track_id
Definition: isom.h:110
int moov_retry
Definition: isom.h:200
int found_hdlr_mdta
'hdlr' atom with type 'mdta' has been found
Definition: isom.h:180
Definition: isom.h:50
Definition: isom.h:62