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parser.c File Reference
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "libavutil/avassert.h"
#include "libavutil/internal.h"
#include "libavutil/mem.h"
#include "libavutil/thread.h"
#include "internal.h"
#include "parser.h"
#include "libavcodec/parser_list.c"

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#define FILL(name)   if(s->name > 0 && avctx->name <= 0) avctx->name = s->name


static void av_parser_init_next (void)
AVCodecParserav_parser_next (const AVCodecParser *p)
const AVCodecParserav_parser_iterate (void **opaque)
 Iterate over all registered codec parsers. More...
void av_register_codec_parser (AVCodecParser *parser)
AVCodecParserContextav_parser_init (int codec_id)
void ff_fetch_timestamp (AVCodecParserContext *s, int off, int remove, int fuzzy)
 Fetch timestamps for a specific byte within the current access unit. More...
int av_parser_parse2 (AVCodecParserContext *s, AVCodecContext *avctx, uint8_t **poutbuf, int *poutbuf_size, const uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, int64_t pts, int64_t dts, int64_t pos)
 Parse a packet. More...
int av_parser_change (AVCodecParserContext *s, AVCodecContext *avctx, uint8_t **poutbuf, int *poutbuf_size, const uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, int keyframe)
void av_parser_close (AVCodecParserContext *s)
int ff_combine_frame (ParseContext *pc, int next, const uint8_t **buf, int *buf_size)
 Combine the (truncated) bitstream to a complete frame. More...
void ff_parse_close (AVCodecParserContext *s)
int ff_mpeg4video_split (AVCodecContext *avctx, const uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)


AVCodecParser ff_aac_parser
AVCodecParser ff_aac_latm_parser
AVCodecParser ff_ac3_parser
AVCodecParser ff_adx_parser
AVCodecParser ff_bmp_parser
AVCodecParser ff_cavsvideo_parser
AVCodecParser ff_cook_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dca_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dirac_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dnxhd_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dpx_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dvaudio_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dvbsub_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dvdsub_parser
AVCodecParser ff_dvd_nav_parser
AVCodecParser ff_flac_parser
AVCodecParser ff_g729_parser
AVCodecParser ff_gsm_parser
AVCodecParser ff_h261_parser
AVCodecParser ff_h263_parser
AVCodecParser ff_h264_parser
AVCodecParser ff_hevc_parser
AVCodecParser ff_mjpeg_parser
AVCodecParser ff_mlp_parser
AVCodecParser ff_mpeg4video_parser
AVCodecParser ff_mpegaudio_parser
AVCodecParser ff_mpegvideo_parser
AVCodecParser ff_opus_parser
AVCodecParser ff_png_parser
AVCodecParser ff_pnm_parser
AVCodecParser ff_rv30_parser
AVCodecParser ff_rv40_parser
AVCodecParser ff_sbc_parser
AVCodecParser ff_sipr_parser
AVCodecParser ff_tak_parser
AVCodecParser ff_vc1_parser
AVCodecParser ff_vorbis_parser
AVCodecParser ff_vp3_parser
AVCodecParser ff_vp8_parser
AVCodecParser ff_vp9_parser
AVCodecParser ff_xma_parser
static AVOnce av_parser_next_init = AV_ONCE_INIT

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FILL (   name)    if(s->name > 0 && avctx->name <= 0) avctx->name = s->name

Referenced by av_parser_parse2().

Function Documentation

static void av_parser_init_next ( void  )

Definition at line 82 of file parser.c.

Referenced by av_parser_next(), and av_register_codec_parser().

void ff_fetch_timestamp ( AVCodecParserContext s,
int  off,
int  remove,
int  fuzzy 

Fetch timestamps for a specific byte within the current access unit.

offbyte position within the access unit
removeFound timestamps will be removed if set to 1, kept if set to 0.
fuzzyOnly use found value if it is more informative than what we already have

Definition at line 174 of file parser.c.

Referenced by av_parser_parse2(), and ff_mpeg1_find_frame_end().

int ff_combine_frame ( ParseContext pc,
int  next,
const uint8_t **  buf,
int buf_size 
void ff_parse_close ( AVCodecParserContext s)

Definition at line 397 of file parser.c.

int ff_mpeg4video_split ( AVCodecContext avctx,
const uint8_t buf,
int  buf_size 

Definition at line 404 of file parser.c.

Variable Documentation

AVCodecParser ff_aac_parser

Definition at line 65 of file aac_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_aac_latm_parser

Definition at line 107 of file latm_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_ac3_parser
AVCodecParser ff_adx_parser

Definition at line 91 of file adx_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_bmp_parser

Definition at line 107 of file bmp_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_cavsvideo_parser

Definition at line 100 of file cavs_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_cook_parser

Definition at line 56 of file cook_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dca_parser

Definition at line 346 of file dca_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dirac_parser

Definition at line 276 of file dirac_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dnxhd_parser

Definition at line 138 of file dnxhd_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dpx_parser

Definition at line 111 of file dpx_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dvaudio_parser

Definition at line 43 of file dvaudio_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dvbsub_parser

Definition at line 182 of file dvbsub_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dvdsub_parser

Definition at line 92 of file dvdsub_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_dvd_nav_parser

Definition at line 110 of file dvd_nav_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_flac_parser

Definition at line 756 of file flac_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_g729_parser

Definition at line 77 of file g729_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_gsm_parser

Definition at line 86 of file gsm_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_h261_parser

Definition at line 89 of file h261_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_h263_parser

Definition at line 90 of file h263_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_h264_parser

Definition at line 708 of file h264_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_hevc_parser

Definition at line 367 of file hevc_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_mjpeg_parser

Definition at line 129 of file mjpeg_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_mlp_parser

Definition at line 394 of file mlp_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_mpeg4video_parser

Definition at line 156 of file mpeg4video_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_mpegaudio_parser

Definition at line 136 of file mpegaudio_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_mpegvideo_parser

Definition at line 239 of file mpegvideo_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_opus_parser

Definition at line 193 of file opus_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_png_parser

Definition at line 112 of file png_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_pnm_parser

Definition at line 81 of file pnm_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_rv30_parser
AVCodecParser ff_rv40_parser
AVCodecParser ff_sbc_parser

Definition at line 117 of file sbc_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_sipr_parser

Definition at line 69 of file sipr_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_tak_parser

Definition at line 121 of file tak_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_vc1_parser

Definition at line 289 of file vc1_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_vorbis_parser
AVCodecParser ff_vp3_parser

Definition at line 38 of file vp3_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_vp8_parser

Definition at line 76 of file vp8_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_vp9_parser

Definition at line 63 of file vp9_parser.c.

AVCodecParser ff_xma_parser

Definition at line 58 of file xma_parser.c.

AVOnce av_parser_next_init = AV_ONCE_INIT

Definition at line 80 of file parser.c.

Referenced by av_parser_next(), and av_register_codec_parser().