Data Fields
AACEncContext Struct Reference

AAC encoder context. More...

#include <aacenc.h>

Data Fields

AACEncOptions options
 encoding options More...
PutBitContext pb
 long (1024 samples) frame transform context More...
av_tx_fn mdct1024_fn
 short (128 samples) frame transform context More...
av_tx_fn mdct128_fn
AACPCEInfo pce
 PCE data, if needed. More...
floatplanar_samples [16]
 saved preprocessed input More...
int profile
 copied from avctx More...
int needs_pce
 flag for non-standard layout More...
LPCContext lpc
 used by TNS More...
int samplerate_index
 MPEG-4 samplerate index. More...
int channels
 channel count More...
const uint8_t * reorder_map
 lavc to aac reorder map More...
const uint8_t * chan_map
 channel configuration map More...
 channel elements More...
FFPsyContext psy
struct FFPsyPreprocessContextpsypp
const AACCoefficientsEncodercoder
int cur_channel
 current channel for coder context More...
int random_state
float lambda
int last_frame_pb_count
 number of bits for the previous frame More...
float lambda_sum
 sum(lambda), for Qvg reporting More...
int lambda_count
 count(lambda), for Qvg reporting More...
enum RawDataBlockType cur_type
 channel group type cur_channel belongs to More...
AudioFrameQueue afq
int qcoefs [96]
 quantized coefficients More...
float scoefs [1024]
 scaled coefficients More...
uint16_t quantize_band_cost_cache_generation
AACQuantizeBandCostCacheEntry quantize_band_cost_cache [256][128]
 memoization area for quantize_band_cost More...
void(* abs_pow34 )(float *out, const float *in, const int size)
void(* quant_bands )(int *out, const float *in, const float *scaled, int size, int is_signed, int maxval, const float Q34, const float rounding)
struct {
   float *   samples

Detailed Description

AAC encoder context.

Definition at line 108 of file aacenc.h.

Field Documentation

◆ av_class

AVClass* AACEncContext::av_class

Definition at line 109 of file aacenc.h.

◆ options

AACEncOptions AACEncContext::options

encoding options

Definition at line 110 of file aacenc.h.

◆ pb

PutBitContext AACEncContext::pb

◆ mdct1024

AVTXContext* AACEncContext::mdct1024

long (1024 samples) frame transform context

Definition at line 112 of file aacenc.h.

◆ mdct1024_fn

av_tx_fn AACEncContext::mdct1024_fn

Definition at line 113 of file aacenc.h.

◆ mdct128

AVTXContext* AACEncContext::mdct128

short (128 samples) frame transform context

Definition at line 114 of file aacenc.h.

◆ mdct128_fn

av_tx_fn AACEncContext::mdct128_fn

Definition at line 115 of file aacenc.h.

◆ fdsp

AVFloatDSPContext* AACEncContext::fdsp

Definition at line 116 of file aacenc.h.

◆ pce

AACPCEInfo AACEncContext::pce

PCE data, if needed.

Definition at line 117 of file aacenc.h.

◆ planar_samples

float* AACEncContext::planar_samples[16]

saved preprocessed input

Definition at line 118 of file aacenc.h.

◆ profile

int AACEncContext::profile

copied from avctx

Definition at line 120 of file aacenc.h.

◆ needs_pce

int AACEncContext::needs_pce

flag for non-standard layout

Definition at line 121 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lpc

LPCContext AACEncContext::lpc

used by TNS

Definition at line 122 of file aacenc.h.

◆ samplerate_index

int AACEncContext::samplerate_index

MPEG-4 samplerate index.

Definition at line 123 of file aacenc.h.

◆ channels

int AACEncContext::channels

channel count

Definition at line 124 of file aacenc.h.

◆ reorder_map

const uint8_t* AACEncContext::reorder_map

lavc to aac reorder map

Definition at line 125 of file aacenc.h.

◆ chan_map

const uint8_t* AACEncContext::chan_map

channel configuration map

Definition at line 126 of file aacenc.h.

◆ cpe

ChannelElement* AACEncContext::cpe

channel elements

Definition at line 128 of file aacenc.h.

◆ psy

FFPsyContext AACEncContext::psy

Definition at line 129 of file aacenc.h.

◆ psypp

struct FFPsyPreprocessContext* AACEncContext::psypp

Definition at line 130 of file aacenc.h.

◆ coder

const AACCoefficientsEncoder* AACEncContext::coder

Definition at line 131 of file aacenc.h.

◆ cur_channel

int AACEncContext::cur_channel

current channel for coder context

Definition at line 132 of file aacenc.h.

◆ random_state

int AACEncContext::random_state

Definition at line 133 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lambda

float AACEncContext::lambda

◆ last_frame_pb_count

int AACEncContext::last_frame_pb_count

number of bits for the previous frame

Definition at line 135 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lambda_sum

float AACEncContext::lambda_sum

sum(lambda), for Qvg reporting

Definition at line 136 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lambda_count

int AACEncContext::lambda_count

count(lambda), for Qvg reporting

Definition at line 137 of file aacenc.h.

◆ cur_type

enum RawDataBlockType AACEncContext::cur_type

channel group type cur_channel belongs to

Definition at line 138 of file aacenc.h.

◆ afq

AudioFrameQueue AACEncContext::afq

Definition at line 140 of file aacenc.h.

◆ qcoefs

int AACEncContext::qcoefs[96]

quantized coefficients

Definition at line 141 of file aacenc.h.

◆ scoefs

float AACEncContext::scoefs[1024]

scaled coefficients

Definition at line 142 of file aacenc.h.

◆ quantize_band_cost_cache_generation

uint16_t AACEncContext::quantize_band_cost_cache_generation

Definition at line 144 of file aacenc.h.

◆ quantize_band_cost_cache

AACQuantizeBandCostCacheEntry AACEncContext::quantize_band_cost_cache[256][128]

memoization area for quantize_band_cost

Definition at line 145 of file aacenc.h.

◆ abs_pow34

void(* AACEncContext::abs_pow34) (float *out, const float *in, const int size)

Definition at line 147 of file aacenc.h.

◆ quant_bands

void(* AACEncContext::quant_bands) (int *out, const float *in, const float *scaled, int size, int is_signed, int maxval, const float Q34, const float rounding)

Definition at line 148 of file aacenc.h.

◆ samples

float* AACEncContext::samples

Definition at line 153 of file aacenc.h.

◆ buffer

struct { ... } AACEncContext::buffer

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