Data Fields
Layer Struct Reference

#include <dnn_backend_native.h>

Data Fields

DNNLayerType type
int32_t input_operand_indexes [4]
 a layer can have multiple inputs and one output. More...
int32_t output_operand_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

Field Documentation

DNNLayerType Layer::type
int32_t Layer::input_operand_indexes[4]

a layer can have multiple inputs and one output.

4 is just a big enough number for input operands (increase it if necessary), do not use 'int32_t *input_operand_indexes', so we don't worry about mem leaks.

Definition at line 63 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

Referenced by dnn_load_layer_avg_pool(), dnn_load_layer_conv2d(), dnn_load_layer_dense(), dnn_load_layer_depth2space(), dnn_load_layer_math_binary(), dnn_load_layer_math_unary(), dnn_load_layer_maximum(), dnn_load_layer_pad(), and execute_model_native().

int32_t Layer::output_operand_index
void* Layer::params

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