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Data Fields
VP8EncoderContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct vpx_codec_ctx encoder
struct vpx_image rawimg
struct vpx_codec_ctx encoder_alpha
struct vpx_image rawimg_alpha
uint8_t is_alpha
struct vpx_fixed_buf twopass_stats
int deadline
uint64_t sse [4]
int have_sse
 true if we have pending sse[]
uint64_t frame_number
struct FrameListDatacoded_frame_list
int cpu_used
int flags
 VP8 specific flags, see VP8F_* below.
int auto_alt_ref
int arnr_max_frames
int arnr_strength
int arnr_type
int lag_in_frames
int error_resilient
int crf
int max_intra_rate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file libvpxenc.c.

Field Documentation

AVClass* VP8EncoderContext::class

Definition at line 61 of file libvpxenc.c.

struct vpx_codec_ctx VP8EncoderContext::encoder

Definition at line 62 of file libvpxenc.c.

struct vpx_image VP8EncoderContext::rawimg

Definition at line 63 of file libvpxenc.c.

struct vpx_codec_ctx VP8EncoderContext::encoder_alpha

Definition at line 64 of file libvpxenc.c.

struct vpx_image VP8EncoderContext::rawimg_alpha

Definition at line 65 of file libvpxenc.c.

uint8_t VP8EncoderContext::is_alpha

Definition at line 66 of file libvpxenc.c.

struct vpx_fixed_buf VP8EncoderContext::twopass_stats

Definition at line 67 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::deadline

Definition at line 68 of file libvpxenc.c.

uint64_t VP8EncoderContext::sse[4]

Definition at line 69 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::have_sse

true if we have pending sse[]

Definition at line 70 of file libvpxenc.c.

uint64_t VP8EncoderContext::frame_number

Definition at line 71 of file libvpxenc.c.

struct FrameListData* VP8EncoderContext::coded_frame_list

Definition at line 72 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::cpu_used

Definition at line 74 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::flags

VP8 specific flags, see VP8F_* below.

Definition at line 78 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::auto_alt_ref

Definition at line 82 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::arnr_max_frames

Definition at line 84 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::arnr_strength

Definition at line 85 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::arnr_type

Definition at line 86 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::lag_in_frames

Definition at line 88 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::error_resilient

Definition at line 89 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::crf

Definition at line 90 of file libvpxenc.c.

int VP8EncoderContext::max_intra_rate

Definition at line 91 of file libvpxenc.c.

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