[Ffmpeg-devel] location of uploaded video samples?

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml
Thu May 12 07:57:22 CEST 2005

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Guilhem Tardy wrote:
>>I am looking for a Quicktime H.264 video file, and would rather not pay the
>>Apple tax (nor do I have a Mac available).
>>Would anyone be kind enough to point to me where such files are usually
>>uploaded on MHQ?
> 	There probably are a few on MPHQ. However, check out the front page of 
> Dave's Trailer Page:
>    http://davestrailerpage.co.uk/
> and search for "Apple Hi-Def Trailers". Apple has posted several H.264 
> HD trailers and the above page has direct download links.

Nice-looking video clips. I'm impressed. They need a lot of CPU power,
though: my poor little Athlon64 3400+ can't quite play the 1920x1080
"BBC Motion Gallery Reel" in realtime:

...though it can manage the 1920x816 Serenity trailer:

Offhand, do you know any way to download the clips that don't have a
direct-download link? Consider this page, for example:

It has an embedded mov file:

...which is 11725 bytes. I'm guessing it's a reference file of some
sort, but it's not plain-text like I would expect a reference file to be.


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