[Ffmpeg-devel] Compilation with --enable-theora fails

Rich Felker dalias
Thu May 12 20:49:06 CEST 2005

On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 07:38:33PM +0200, matthieu castet wrote:
> With basic rendering :
> - how would you place correctly the sub for the translation of board, 
> sign, ...

why do i care where it appears as long as i can read it?

> - basic rendering don't support colour, and colour is sometimes useful 
> if the subber want to explain game play (for example I could be 
> different in Japanese if it is for a man or a woman)

it's useful but certainly not needed.

> - you sometimes need special font in order to follow the style.

again this is just eye-candy, not necessary.

> - you sometimes use kanji, or other character sets, you need to assume 
> that everybody have to right font.

agree. however if someone needs subtitles they certainly don't
understand kanji and don't need to see it in the subs.

> - you sometimes want to write at different place in the same time : 
> bottom dialogue translation, top word explanation.
> - karaoke are nice even if there aren't necessary.

all of the above are nice but not necessary.

> I agree that hard-subbed are not the perfect solution, but until someone 
> invent some subtitle that can be "precompiled" (some time ago people 
> were talking about png subtitles) and system independent, I think it is 
> the best one.

uhg, that's stupid. precompiled means locked to a particular
resolution, layout, etc. and impossible to fix spelling errors, etc.

> And everyone will be happy : the fansubber because they won't have to 
> spend bandwidth, and if they make error they could correct easily 

the fansubbers will be happy because no one can fix^H^H^Hsteal their
scripts.. everyone else loses.

> (actually some broken teams had the idea to make binary patch...).
> Anime downloader, because whey can download a raw file and then choose 
> the best translation without needing to redownload the video again.

yeah good luck getting fansubbers to release sub-only files to go with
a separate raw. then they'd have no excuse for pretending it's legal
to distribute the video.


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