[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Vorbis decoder

Balatoni Denes dbalatoni
Fri May 13 23:00:11 CEST 2005


Patch modified, new extradata format supported too.

2005. m?jus 13. 18.27-kor Michael Niedermayer ezeket a bolcs gondolatokat 
fogalmazta meg:
> > I tried to use the possible minimal size for each variable. So if for
> > example somebody wants to port this decoder to C64 or ZX Spectrum, he
> > will know where he can use native 8 bit types, or needs 16 bits, or must
> > use more than 16 bits (in those cases 32 bits are usually not needed
> > though).
> (u)intXY_t means exact length twos complement style, and as you are trying
> to justify their use with obscure hw, well thats exactly where its a very
> bad idea
> (u)int_fastXY_t is what you should use if you dislike int/short/long
> [...]
> --
> Michael


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