[Ffmpeg-devel] VP3/Theora Perfection

Mike Melanson mike
Mon May 16 05:38:03 CEST 2005

	I have been carefully reading the Theora spec and I think I understand 
the loop filter now. Well, "understand" might be a strong word. At 
least, I think I recognize the mathematical mechanics of the loop 
filter. Unfortunately, my primary development machine is having troubles 
so I can not effectively test the logic. I have attached a patch. Can 
someone test it out and see if the video problems magically go away or 
if the video at least looks a little better? Please test on a VP3 sample 
since there is more logic to hook up for Theora.

	Also, I reviewed the motion compensation logic. I can not find anything 
obviously wrong. When FFmpeg does its emulated edge MC, is it padding 
the border with the same values that occur on the border? I thought I 
heard that some edge schemes use mirrored values on the border. But 
according to the Theora spec, it just extends the edge values out 8-16 

	-Mike Melanson
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