[Ffmpeg-devel] retrieving asf textual info in other languages

?? c_liao
Tue May 17 12:35:52 CEST 2005

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Hauke Duden <H.NS.Duden at gmx.net> writes:

> M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
>>Hauke Duden <H.NS.Duden at gmx.net> writes:
>>>Sorry to intrude here, but UTF-8 is very simple. Why not simply
>>>convert it yourself? Below is a simple striaghtforward encode routine
>>>from unicode char to UTF-8, if you need one. Since UCS-2 is a subset
>>>of Unicode this should work for it as well  Use it as you like.
>>This doesn't deal with nasty things like surrogate pairs.
> UCS-2 has no surrogate pairs. It is a fixed 2-byte encoding (which
> does not cover the whole Unicode charset). I guess you're thinking
> about UTF-16.

Right.  I keep confusing all the different terms used.

> If you wanted to handle that then the easiest approach would be do
> first decode the UTF-16 chars into plain Unicode and then re-encode
> them as UTF-8.

Yes, converting between the different utf encodings is simpler than
doing arbitrary conversions (sjis, anyone?).

I did a little catching up with these stuffs of UCS and UTF too. I assumed 
previously based on some simple tests the encoding used within asf file is 
UCS2, but since microsoft's internal representation is UTF-16, so I can no 
longer hold that assumption, anyone want to give a hand here? and sorry for 
the misinformation earlier.

Cheng Liao 

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