[Ffmpeg-devel] FFserver implementation

Ravi Chandra Nallan ravi_nallan
Tue May 31 06:54:45 CEST 2005

    I have taken a good look at ffserver. Even though some formats which
I can stream ( with ffserver ) and view in Linux ( using vlc, mplayer,
ffplay etc...), I am unable to view the same in window ( using Windows
Media Player, Real Player ) . 
Do you think that the codecs are quite outdated? If I download the
latest version of ffmpeg, will I get the codecs that can work with the
new players?
>From my understanding of a streaming server : the Streaming server
should be able to compress the media to a stream-able format, and that
to compressed to the frame rate proportional to the network bandwidth of
the client requesting the media. Please do correct me if I am wrong
about streaming servers. 
But what if the media is already in a stream-able format like .rm, does
the server still have to decompress it and compress it back to the
required frame rate. Does ffserver does this??
I am still trying to understand the full functionality, in terms of
implementation, of a Streaming server.
Please do help me.
Also let me know what do you think about the Ogg Vorbis for
Streaming/VoD? Is it good in terms of both audio and video. As the other
popular formats being rather propreitory, I want to think of using Ogg
Vorbis as streaming format. 

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