[Ffmpeg-devel] BeOS support to be discontinued Feb 1 2007

François Revol revol
Tue Dec 12 10:57:10 CET 2006

> > I'm sorry ?
> > I *am* working on it. 
> > I have discussed this on IRC several times btw.
> I'm pretty much always on #ffmpeg, and I haven't seen anything of the

[00:56] <DonDiego> mmu_man: you're going to clean up the beos ifdef 
[00:56] <mmu_man> yes

[22:10] <DonDiego> mmu_man: could you please remove the beos hackery 
from libavformat headers?
[22:14] <mmu_man> yes I got your mail
[22:14] <mmu_man> sorry I'm so tired atm I don't even find time to code
[22:14] <mmu_man> will do
[22:14] <DonDiego> i'm tempted to do it myself, but breakage would 
surely be the result ;)
[22:15] <DonDiego> i talked this over with mans the other day
[22:15] <DonDiego> the policy is going to be to accept no os-specific 
hackery in normal files
[22:15] <DonDiego> it has to be limited to some headers or files
[22:15] <DonDiego> that hide it
[22:16] <DonDiego> or configure magic and similar
[22:16] <mmu_man> yes it's cleaner
[22:16] <DonDiego> we've already cleaned up almost the whole build 

[22:16] <DonDiego> mr beos has arrived
[22:17] <DonDiego> mmu_man: what about the beos cleanup you promised? 
[22:17] <mmu_man> half done
[22:17] <mmu_man> hi :)
[22:17] <DonDiego> excellent news
[22:17] <DonDiego> and hi :)
[22:17] <mmu_man> I was wondering how to handle the arpa/inet.h thingy

> kind.  Most notably, I've seen no patches.
[22:17] <mmu_man> half done

> Since these BeOS hacks have been under "discussion" for quite some
> time, with no fixes being produced, I decided to turn up the heat a
> little to see if that would start some action.  It seems to have
> worked.

It only wasted my little time answering instead of coding.


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