[Ffmpeg-devel] h264/PAFF interlacing

Julian Scheel julian
Tue Dec 12 16:43:23 CET 2006

Am Freitag, 8. Dezember 2006 01:05 schrieb Loren Merritt:
> PAFF is just a name for streams containing some frame pictures and some
> field pictures. So there doesn't need to be any documentation of PAFF,
> only documentation of frame coding and of field coding.
> Or depending on the context, I might use "PAFF" to refer to non-MBAFF
> interlacing, whether or not it's mixed with progressive.

But there must be some specs on how to handle that?!
I can't find anything on the net, that would point me into a direction how to 
implement this.


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