[Ffmpeg-devel] How to compile ffmpeg with faac support on Windows?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme
Mon Mar 13 18:42:26 CET 2006

Lars Blumberg wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> How did you compile your ffmpeg with faac support under Windows? With the 
> help of the forum http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php I 
> succesfully compiled faac. What are the steps I have to do for compiling 
> ffmpeg with faac? Where to locate the faac lib files? I know that I have to 
> use --enable-faac with configure. At first the lib "faac" is not not found. 
> After renaming the compiled libfaac.lib to faac.lib there are several 
> compiling errors:
> d:/faac/libfaac/Release\faac.lib(./Release/frame.obj)(.text+0x1ca):.\frame.c: 
> undefined reference to `_ftol2'

It seems that you have compiled the library with MSVC. FFMPEG can't be 
compiled by default with MSVC. You might have to look for DrFFMPEG for 
that. Otherwise try to use MinGW & MSys. You'll have to do "make 
install" for faac before configuring FFMPEG.

PS: I've never tried it, but I assume it's the same as for LAME.

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