[Ffmpeg-devel] v4l2 default device

Richard Khoury richiek
Thu Sep 21 02:22:15 CEST 2006


I'm working on a project that uses video capture through ffmpeg and
it is an annoyance that each time I restart my computer I have to
run a program (in my case xawtv) that registers a device with the
v4l2 driver before any video frames appear.

In my case I've adjusted the v4l2.c file to automatically select the
first cameral type, but in order to make this a nice generic patch
there should be more available to select whether it's a tuner or
camera input as well as which index it's at. Is there a suggested
structure I should use to do this? Also, it would be extrememly handy
to be able to select the frame format flag from the application side,
but there is no way to change it from INTERLACED without hardcoding a
new value in.

I'm more than happy to make this patch (when I get the time) but
I'll need suggestions as to the best way to do this.

Many thanks,

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