[Ffmpeg-devel] 640x480 iPod Baseline Low Complexity Profile

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Fri Sep 22 11:42:00 CEST 2006


> Hi,
> Op donderdag 21 september 2006 20:51, schreef M?ns Rullg?rd:
>> [...]
>> >>
>> >> [K750i]
>> >> b=192k
>> >> s=220x176
>> >> ar=64k
>> >> vcodec=mpeg4
>> >> acodec=aac
>> >>
>> >> [N770]
>> >> b=800k
>> >> s=320x192
>> >> ar=128k
>> >> vcodec=mpeg4
>> >> acodec=mp3
>> I despise that config file style.
> I do not really care about that style, although I do despise the
> thing that it reminds me off :)
Just something easy to parse/understand, no XML please.

>> > Yes, I envisioned something similar to this.  I'm not sure if it's
>> > better to have one file per profile or all in one file, probably a
>> > matter of taste.
>> One target per file is easier to parse, and makes it easier for users
>> to add their own targets without worrying about merging changes when
>> they upgrade.  Furthermore, it would eliminate quarrels about how to
>> separate targets within the file.
> I agree. The only thing I "worried" about, was that if many profiles
> were to be used, the directory would contains possibly horrible amounts
> of files. But, in fact, having one file with a huge amount of entries
> aint that much better. And, there's no reason to disallow having subdirs
> if it might ever become annoying (having to many files in a dir).
I'd rather have it in one single file, for pure taste reasons, I believe
performance is irrelevant to decide on single vs. multiple files, unless
someone is brave? enough to create hundreds of profiles, in which case
the greater overhead of open() vs read() would favour the single file
solution (specially on platforms cursed with antivirus).

V?ctor Paesa

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