[FFmpeg-devel] Regarding Video Acceleration API

Benjamin Zores ben
Wed Aug 29 13:47:14 CEST 2007

Ivan Kalvachev a ?crit :

> I just glanced over the URL. Here is my first impressions that may not
> be very accurate:
> It looks exactly like XvMC , the functions are similar, create/delete,
> surfaces, and even the put_surface is still there (so it probably
> still have XV relation).
> It have a lot more structures for every new specific format it
> supports, the mpeg2 handling looks very similar to the old XvMC.
> I'd say that at the current stage it is probably just renamed XvMC
> with all the stuff that should have been added over the years. (I
> think that there is even some stuff that have been removed from XvMC).
> Depending on the supported level it would require hacking the ffmpeg
> decoders in a manner that mpeg12 decoder is hacked now.

That's what should be avoided.
Having a video out extension is (imho) not a good idea.
But that's why I'd suggest having a better specification design and 
joint work between ffmpeg/intel to design something really useful.


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