[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg integeration with libmp4v2 to decode mp4 streams

Nitin Jain jnitin
Wed Dec 12 11:28:34 CET 2007

Hi all,

For my application I am using old version of ffmpeg and ffplayer (Windows XP) which cann/t play mp4 files.I want to integerate libmp4v2 library with ffmpeg so that it can parse mp4 files and ffmpeg can decode and ffplayer can play it instead of using latest version of ffmpeg.

However  I am not clear on how to proceed. Following are the errors coming :- 

1) In decode_thread  av_open_input_file() function is throwing  Unknown format error.How to remove this error and initialize the AVFormatContext *ic structure ?

2) Intead of using av_read_packet(ic, pkt) function I want to use  libmp4v2 API to read the samples and giving to the buffer so that video_thread can decode and play it.

Am  I missing something.

Plaese provide your inputs whether my approch is correct or not.

Nitin Jain 

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