[FFmpeg-devel] New project using ffmpeg

Cezary Falba cezary
Wed Dec 19 13:25:52 CET 2007

On 18 Dec 2007, at 17:34, Diego Biurrun wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 11:43:36AM +0000, Cezary Falba wrote:
>> On 18 Dec 2007, at 08:20, Diego Biurrun wrote:
>>> Also, you claim that your software is available under the GPL,
>>> but when I download the source code, there is no sign of the GPL
>>> anywhere and all files are marked as copyrighted by you or Saffron
>>> Digital or lack any copyright or license information. This makes
>>> them effectively non- free.
>>> Also, there is the following statement on your website:
>>> By downloading our software you accept the GPL licence which can be
>>> found here.
>>> This makes me think that you still haven't read the GPL, since it
>>> contains a paragraph about the need to accept the license that this
>>> conflicts with.
>>> Releasing your software under a license you have not read is
>>> tantamount to buying a house/car/whatever without reading the
>>> contract. I'll contact you in private with some excellent Brooklyn
>>> bridges that I have for sale at premium conditions...
>> Thanks a lot for checking a site and all advices.
>> I just fixed a website and added a license to both sources and
>> installers.
>> It will be highly appreciated if you could re-check that page again
>> when you have few minutes.
>> There is no rush as we still have time before we officially release  
>> it
>> to public.
> I have trouble testing the Mac version since it now seems to require  
> OS
> X 10.5, but I'm still on 10.4.  Your website claims that only 10.4 is
> required..
> You have added LGPL copyright headers to your source files, but the
> license text you include is the GPL.  This looks like an oversight  
> from
> you.  Also, your copyright headers only contain two of the three
> paragraphs commonly used for this purpose.
> Are you using FFmpeg in GPL mode?
> I'm being told that the Windows installer of your program is totally
> broken and installs stuff into C: instead of the path it claims to
> install to.  It also displays a license different from the (L)GPL.
> The Windows source package contains a __MACOSX directory, weird.
> I still find it awkward that the first mentions of FFmpeg, AviSynth  
> and
> Perl on the above website are not links to homepages.  Instead you  
> hide
> those links at the bottom of the page.
> So it's getting better, but you're still not at 100%.
> best regards
> Diego

Hi Diego,

Good to hear from you that we are get better with that.
I just made some tweaks to installers and website.
I also replaced license files with proper LGPL...


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