[FFmpeg-devel] libossupport status

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Sun Dec 23 11:41:54 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

On Sat, 2007-12-22 at 13:00 +0100, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 12:20:51PM +0100, Luca Abeni wrote:
> > 4) It seems that most of the developeres do not want libossupport in
> > ffmpeg, but want it as an external library.
> > 
> > Did I understand the requirements correctly? 
> Yes, though i think its ok if
> libossupport exists besides libavformat,libavcodec there just should be
> no dependencies. I dont think its needed to be completely external in the
> sense of "not in ffmpeg svn".
Ok, good. But I believe the real problem is to decide how to integrate
libossupport with ffmpeg. I mean: after playing with this code for some
weeks, I reached the conclusion tha it would be better to have
libossupport in the ffmpeg directory, and to make the "configure" script
aware of libossupport. In posix systems, configure will decide that
libossupport is not needed, and will not compile it. In other systems,
configure can automatically enable libossupport compilation, and add the
proper "-I...", "-L ..." and "-l..." options in ffmpeg compilation.

But I understand that most of the developers do not like this idea, so
I'll continue to work on an "external" libossupport. Then, if I'll
manage to convince other people that my idea is better, we can move
libossupport into ffmpeg in a second time ;-)

> > Am I forgetting anything?

> > void usleep(unsigned long t)
> > {
> >     Sleep(t / 1000);
> > }
> >
> > off_t lseek(int f, off_t p, int w)
> > {
> >     return _lseeki64(f, p, w);
> > }
> these have to be under some #ifdef
Ok. As you can see, the configuration and build part of libossupport is
still in a very bad shape... I'll need to work some more time on it (I
just posted a simple prototype that works in a very specific case).

Of course, is someone with experience with the build/configure system
can help, he is welcome... 


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