[FFmpeg-devel] libossupport status

Vadim Lebedev vadim
Sat Dec 22 20:06:51 CET 2007

Luca Abeni wrote:

>Hi all,
>int the last weeks, I've been silent about libossupport, but I continued
>to work on it. Here is a report about the current status of things.
>First of all, the requirements:
>1) Eliminate all the OS-dependent code from libav* (this can be achieved
>in small steps)
>2) For standard (POSIX?) systems, no dependency on libossupport should
>be created
>3) libav* code should use standard (POSIX?) functions, and the
>implementation of such functions for non-standard systems should be
>provided by libossupport
>4) It seems that most of the developeres do not want libossupport in
>ffmpeg, but want it as an external library.
>Did I understand the requirements correctly? Am I forgetting anything?
I wonder how do you intend to implement missing POSIX functionality on 
Win32 plaftorm

For example on win32  close()  will not accepts socket handles  and 
select()  will not work on file handles, meaning
you'll need to reimplement basically whole I/O (open, close, read, 
write, seek, fstat, ioctl, fcntl) and socket API.
Then (if ffmpeg uses stdio) you'll need to reipmlement stdio too...

Am i missing something?

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