[Ffmpeg-devel] Bug? Subtitles not detected in vob

Nico Sabbi nsabbi
Mon Jan 8 13:15:01 CET 2007

Erik Slagter wrote:

>I am trying to convert a vob (from DVD) to a transport stream, for use
>on a sat top box. The sat top box can play vobs (although without
>subtitles) and transport streams (including those created with ffmpeg,
>and including subtitles).
>The first thing I run into is that ffmpeg doesn't even detect the
>subtitles in the vob file. I both tried increasing the -probesize to the
>max and cutting off multiples of 2048kb off the vob so the vob
>immediately starts with a section actually containing subtitles. None of
>these help.

currently -probesize works only with TS content
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