[Ffmpeg-devel] Cross Compiling to Windows CE

Cool_Zer0 c00jz3r0
Sat Jan 13 21:09:21 CET 2007

Ramiro Polla wrote:
> Hello,
> Cool_Zer0 wrote:
>> Luca Barbato wrote:
>>> Cool_Zer0 wrote:
>>>> I don't have any libm inside that folder... But I have the libm of 
>>>> my standard GCC...
>>>> I'm using the cross-compiler available on VLC: 
>>>> http://download.videolan.org/pub/testing/wince/
>>> build one yourself it shouldn't _that_ hard.
>>>> I've been searching on google but I can't find other cross compiler 
>>>> for Windows CE... Do you know of any useful link?
>>> gcc is perfectly fine, just find the instructions on how to deploy 
>>> it or use a distribution providing it...
>>>> By the way.. Do you think that with cross-compiling I can compile 
>>>> FFMpeg and use the .lib on Visual C++ projects?
>>> as usual, if you use an ide that can understand msvc project files 
>>> and uses gcc to compile and link you'll be fine, otherwise you may 
>>> have to experience any sort of pain because of the nonstandard C 
>>> compiler provided by microsoft.
>>> lu
>> Looks like I've been able to compile FFMpeg with the correct 
>> "arm-wince-cegcc". My configure looks like this:
>> # ./configure --cross-compile 
>> --cross-prefix=/usr/ppc/arm-wince-cegcc/bin/ --arch=armv4l 
>> --enable-memalign-hack --disable-ipv6 --prefix=/usr/local/wince 
>> --log=yes --disable-encoders --disable-decoders --disable-parsers 
>> --disable-muxers --disable-demuxers --enable-parser=h263 
>> --enable-encoder=h263 --enable-decoder=h263 --enable-muxer=h263 
>> --enable-demuxer=h263 --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay 
>> --disable-ffmpeg --disable-network
>> Not I want to have the libavformat.lib and libavcodec.lib and to do 
>> that I add this tags "--enable-shared --disable-static".
> I remember you from the FFmpeg on Windows forum. Sorry I couldn't 
> help, but I've never tried WinCE before.
> Why aren't you configuring with --enable-mingwce? That way, the 
> correct file extensions are used (that might influence something) and 
> if you have MSVC, it tries to create the .lib files. (That is, if 
> you're on Windows).
> You can also use the static libraries (.a files) with MSVC++ as if 
> they were static .lib files.

If I really can do that then my problem is solved because the .a files 
are generated...

> Check http://arrozcru.no-ip.org/ffmpeg_wiki/tiki-index.php?page=MSVC 
> to see how to use the libraries with MSVC++.
> I have no idea how that will work with WinCE, but it might help.
> Please add anything to the wiki, if you can. It might really help 
> other people that come accross the same issues.

If I successfully can use the H.263 compressor/decompressor on a Windows 
Mobile 5.0 you may be sure that I will put some documentation about how 
to do it.

Thanks for your help

> Ramiro Polla
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