[Ffmpeg-devel] VMware Video codec now fully documented

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Jan 24 23:59:29 CET 2007

Philip Langdale wrote:
> Hi all,
> So, we were a little slow off the mark but we finally got round
> to looking at the multimedia wiki page on VMNC and filling in
> the gaps and correcting a couple of mistakes.
> http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=VMNC
> The existing code is pretty much fine but some corner cases can
> be properly handled with the full documentation.

Oh... wow... thanks! That's great to see you jumping into the public
documentation effort and we appreciate it.

Now to push our luck our luck on the matter. :) Do you have any suite of
samples that we could test our decoder against, preferable samples that
are specifically designed to test the various cases?

	Thanks again...
	-Mike Melanson

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