[FFmpeg-devel] jframe

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Thu Jun 7 11:47:40 CEST 2007

On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 10:59:54PM +0200, matthieu castet wrote:
> > On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 05:30:57PM +0300, Ivan Kalvachev wrote:
> >> 2007/5/30, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>:
> >>>
> >>>> A google search
> >>>> comes up with nothing. How do you know that j-type frames are called 'j-type
> >>>> frames'?
> >>> we dont, and they are also almost certainly not called j frames by MS
> >> They call them X8 (or intra X8).
> >> Kostya also said they refer to them in this way in the vc1 advanced profile.
> There also a callgraph of the MS codec : 
> http://multimedia.cx/eggs/images/dcng-frame18-callgraph.png

Does someone know details about the (Local?)Huffman stuff that X8 uses?
Is this in use in some other places as well? Is there maybe even already
some code somewhere?
I hate huffman so I don't really want to play with that *g*

Reimar D?ffinger

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